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I have the Nikon 360T and considering the 500 or 720 rear unit for it for the right price. What's the cheapest source for this rear unit? Gray market is fine. Also, in stock would be nice for delivery this week.

Thanks, Lloyd

-- lloyd chambers (, September 12, 2000


Good luck, they are hard to find, specially for a low price. Its a lock item whereas camera makers rarely ever discount such an item.. If you do find a source, please inform us! B&H grey was the best I could do on the 1200 rear element... Good luck...

-- Bill Glickman (, September 14, 2000.

Listed below is from Robert White's web site:

Nikon T Lenses Item Price (#) 270/f6.3 ED Copal 1 #930 T 360/f8 ED Copal 1 #1,086 Rear Lens Comp ED360/8T #299 T 500/f11 ED Copal 1 #1,113 Rear Lens Comp ED500/11T #325 T 600/f9 ED Copal 3 #1,712 Rear Lens Comp ED600/9T #328 T 720/f16 ED Copal 1 #1,127 Rear Lens Comp ED720/16T #342 T 800/f12 ED Copal 3 #1,845 Rear Lens Comp ED800/12T #465 T 1200/f18 ED Copal 3 #1,967 Rear Lens Comp ED1200F18 #590 All prices exclude VAT

Note: The rear lens component is interchangeable between the 360/8, 500/11, 720/16 and the ED600/9, 800/12, 1200/11 sets.

Good shop and good prices. No VAT on shipments to U.S. Approximately $480 for the 720mm rear and $456 for the 500mm rear. There you go. If he has in stock shipment is pretty quick from the UK.

-- signekai (, September 16, 2000.

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