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As you know, there are some clip examples on the Dazzle DVC installation disk. Some of them are with bitrate of 1500KB. If anyone know how to convert them to those with bitrate of 1150KB for VCO format? Thanks.

-- RD (, September 12, 2000


Use TMPGenc, and load the VCD profile.

-- eric (, September 12, 2000.

Thanks for the answer. But what is the TMPGenc? Is this a paticular software or is just a function of Dazzle DVC? Could you provide more details? Thanks again.

-- RD (, September 12, 2000.

Below is the address for the encoder software. (Freeware) It is not a part of dazzle. "THERE IS ALSO A PATCH FILE YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND RUN ON IT BEFORE YOU USE IT. IT GETS RID OF ONE OF THE BUGS"

Capture the clip you want or (whatever clip you have) open tmpgenc and "load" the template you need (videocd ntsc) ot the pal version. Browse for the file you want. Browse for a destination (whever you want the new encoded file to be) hit start and what for it to encode. After using it a few times you can play with the settings to get the quality you want. I have a dazzle dvc and it is ok. The thing that sucks is it doesn't make mpeg 1 compliant files LIKE IT SAYS IT DOES! But for ease of use it works great. (A note, read the manual. It may be thin but it gives you some basic information on where to start, and limitations of dazzle.) Also, sometimes when you edit a LARGE file with the dazzle software it will corrupt the ENTIRE captured file. It has only happened to me with files over 500mb. With experince you can use tmpeg (the software link above, to cut and join your files. It is much more stable and doesn't ruin your files like the dazzle software can. A few notes from using my dazzle dvc. Always capture rectangle pixels if you ever plan to play the video cd on a dvd player. If you use square it will only showup on the left top side of your tv. Square is for computers. Capture at the higest bitrate in dazzle. "30000" and then re-encode with tmpeg to vcd specs, or whatever bitrate you need. Again the tmpegenc is the best software I have tried and I have tried ALOT. Ligos, xing, panisonic, and more. Stick with the tmpegenc and play with it until you figure it out."Advanced features" (The program also has a link to the online bbs for others using it. Kinda nice feature.

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (, September 13, 2000.

Hi RD,

if you have the Dazzle DVC II that comes with moviStar. Just import your clip in MovieStar, put it in the time lime and clic on produce then choose the VCD template.

make sure you have the MovieStar v4.1 (this patch is at dazzle)if you need a VCD compliant clip.


-- Tuan (, September 13, 2000.

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