Old telegraph key (1870 or so)

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I have an old telegraph key which has been dated to the 1870's. On the top of the key is stamped (engraved) " LUNDBERG & MARWEDE S.F.". I was wondering if this is the manufacturer or what? I would love to know the history of this key. Thanks - Dennis P.S. My first message had the wrong e-mail address.

-- Dennis Anttila (danttila@truetime.com), September 12, 2000


For all here is an answer I received. "Here is what your key looked like originally. (pictures) Apparently they were in business in the late 1860s to perhaps 1870. One of their employees left L&M and went to work for another telegraph maker in 1871. This information came from a very good student of California telegraph history and collector that I know. A tireless researcher."

Thanks to all - Dennis

-- Dennis Anttila (danttila@truetime.com), September 13, 2000.

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