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First off, a belated thanks to all who have responded to my questions on holders before. OK, what I want to know is this, are the Linhof holders that accept both plate or sheet film IR tight, and please don't say try it out yourself, as I only have a finite amount of Kodaks' IR film and as yet cannot afford to buy several boxes to check out each holder. I know that the rest of my kit is IR tight, bar the dev tank(paterson orbital), but that's not a problem - in a couple of weeks I should be able to use the colleges' steel dev tanks. Thanks.

-- David Kirk (, September 12, 2000


Play safe David, and wrap your loaded slides in Aluminium kitchen foil. Unwrap them just before using, and re-wrap them immediately after.
I can't take the credit (or blame) for this tip, I read it somewhere a long time ago.

-- Pete Andrews (, September 12, 2000.

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