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I have just reorganised the way this discussion is displayed. Any feedback on whether this is helpful would be appreciated. Are there any other categories that need to be added? I created a category "Ideas for New Challenges", and I will create some new one for the new series (probably a category for each program). Also, I wasn't sure whether host, presenter or announcer was the right American English word for Cathy and Robert.
While I am thinking about this discussion, is it stupid having a nearly identically discussion for Scrapheap? I could amalgamate them before that one gets too many postings.

-- Andy Bell (, September 12, 2000


Let me just say that your show is great, Andy! I just watched most of the Thanksgiving marathon on TLC and caught the last four episodes of Season Two--UK. Great stuff!

"Host" would be the proper American term for Robert & Cathy (I love 'em both, by the way!) "announcer" would be more like a sports "play-by-play" man, and the title "presenter" is usually used to describe someone who gives out an award of some kind (like a celebrity "presenter" at the Oscars). So, stick with "Host" for the American bunch and you'll be right on track.

Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy your show.

-- Sean Norris (, November 25, 2000.

This is super, Andy, since I found this I can't stay away. Perhaps a listing of the things that have been done would help with new Ideas. People seem to be hung up on all the ones already used.


-- Jay McKinney (, November 28, 2000.

Here is a Three season episode guide. It lists the various challenges used.

-- Jeff - The NERDS (, November 28, 2000.

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