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How does transcedentalism represent Poe's life from a literary and historical viewpoint?

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2000


Poe was NOT a transcedentalist. Poe, with Nathaniel Hawthorne, was a transcendental pessimist. The transcendental optomists were Whitman, Emerson, and Thoreau. Poe was most likely an agnostic.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2001

After reading the Anthology i found out that E.A.Poe is not a transcendentalist niether Romantic.Some scchoolars said that he is romantic couse he is influenced by Colridge and wortword but his romanticism is dark and drooming and it is the same for N Hawthorne . they are thinking a lo(t about the problem of optimism and expansion . As for as trancendentalism is concerned i think that Emerson and Thouroux are the best figures of this trend they denied gaining money as well as the dignity of individualism .Poe was a great symbolist writer and poets. you'll Discover that by reading the fall of the house of usher and some poams aas ( the city in the sea _ anabeal lee _ israfeal ...aand so on see you

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2002

I believe transcedentalism represents Poe's life from a literary and historical viewpoint.

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2002

I like to think of Poe as a transcendentalist even though he really is not one. Poe as a writer transcends the boundaries of literature; while this is totally different from Emerson's transcendentalism, Poe seems to understand the idea of finding life away from society. This probably doesn't help, but I just wanted to state my (rather strange) ideas.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003

Poe was not a transcendentalist. He was, however, a Romantic writer. There are two different facets of romantic writers. One facet focuses on optimism, nature, and imagination, while the other one can be considered 'dark' romantics. Although these writers have the same qualities in regard to a focus on nature and imagination, they utilize these values in different ways. They focus on supernaturalism and mystery (ie. Irving-Sleepy Hollow, The Devil and Tom Walker and Poe-Rave, House of Usher). If one were to read Poe, he does emphasize the dark characteristics of nature while establishing setting.

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2003

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