What do your paper towels say about you?

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As I was in the store today, I was buying paper towels, which doesn't take me a long time because my brand is Bounty, period. But I found myself selecting which kind I wanted. I always do that but I never thought about why I do it. Did I want the fun-prints? Or would I choose the ones that have a "heart & home" theme, or just the ones with a border that matches the color scheme of my kitchen? I *am* consistent in that I NEVER buy just plain. Sometimes if I have company coming, I choose what I think would be appealing to them. If it's the preacher, I choose ones that are close to scriptual. I even bought a roll that had Precious Moments for a newlywed couple who just got back from their honeymoon & I know that they collect Precious Moments. Am I a sick puppy or what?

-- Karleen Medaris (REJOICEBYKARLA@AOL.COM), September 11, 2000


I have to say that my paper towels are saying.."You wonderfully thrifty person. You have chosen me. I am the chosen paper towel. She is cheap and because I have a new home. I sure hope she buys toilet paper too."

-- Stephanie Brown (tweeder91@home.com), September 12, 2000.

I get pissy when I have trouble finding plain white paper towels in the supermarket. I've had times when I stand in the aisle, asking out loud, 'why can't I find white paper towels? What do you have against white paper towels? It should not be this difficult to find white paper towels.'. This embarasses the hell out my fiancee.

-- Sasha (sasha@travisasha.com), September 15, 2000.

Oosp. I meant 'fiance'.

-- Sasha (sasha@travisasha.com), September 15, 2000.

You people think far too fucking much :)

-- Tracey (tntnikki@excite.com), September 18, 2000.

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