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I have to write an explication paper for a class and I'm totally lost. I have to focus on certain elements of the work and I don't know what to focus on. I'm supposed to pick out a portion of the work, explicate it, and tie it with the rest of the work. I'm not for sure which part to choose. I'm just totally lost. I was also wondering what the bells on Fortunato's costume symbolize. They must symbolize something because they jingle in the last paragraph of the story. I just need some insight and a good start for my paper. Thanks to anyone who replys to my message. Deidra Potts

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000


The jingles were part of his costume. Also some people used the jingle bells because they were light headed and that was like an amusement for them.Well I don't know if that is the correct answer but I asked my teacher and that's what he told me. That's all I can help you in I hope it's a little help for you.

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2000

This is really late of an answer, but I need help to. I read it and I basically picked up that the narrator wants revenge on Fortunato. In the end, I'm not sure, but it seems to me that his revenge was to lock him up behind those tombs and that was done because he was really drunk (Fortunato that is). But I'm really not sure....

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2000

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