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(1) yep i've always been afraid of irc, i don't mind g(roup)talking but the first thing i heard about irc was that this guy used it who was convicted of raping a some women i knew at my college. Plus n/g/talk was more popular than irc way back when, so i always directed my attention to gtalk. perhaps i'll grab a version of irc and dismiss my paranoia because i would like to attend these things. If not the logs are sufficient thanks, who ever sent them.

(2) I am very glad that Ben Jos is compiling the new mame version, i don't think we can trust mark to make it secure. Please Ben if you want to bounce any ideas off me, i'm eager to help. It's too bad that someone who will be using it to record things has to write it, but it's our only hope (ideally we'd want to contract the secure part of the algorithm to someone that wouldn't plan on making bitching recordings, to ensure the validity of recordings made by all people using it.) Perhaps you could still stub out the security algorithms that can be linked in from object code when we can contract such a person....

(3) When motions passed, how do we see to it that things happen. motions were passed on the pc games, who is going to fix the games or is it just expected that we'll get to it evntually?

(4) none of the motions would have been overturned by my votes that i can remember.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000


Well... one motion just got carried out - the set of hard rules for editors - I just figured out Sportsdude's quarth recording averaged a length of 3.10(using the top 6 press separation bits), which breaks the 3.5 thread. (this was before he had the 500 MHZ computer.) Yes... this gave me first place in Quarth - and this is one thing we'll discuss next sunday evening.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000

This is odd... take a look at numbers from herbiedk.

Alex Weir: 2.42, 2.68, 2.17

Phil Lamat: 2.61, 2.84, 2.40

Myself: 3.15, 2.53, 3.76

The first number is the one I'm used to right?

all of these break the rules - though I KNOW I didn't use autofire nor slowdown here - and Alex Weir says he didn't use it either. Is this an odd framerate game?

Thanks for your help :) GB9

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000

herbiedk is a 60 fps game in mame37b7 which version were you recording in?

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000

Herbie is a T&F-like game. The general rules don't apply to games where people only press in very short bursts. It's not that hard to get well below 3.50 for 10 seconds or so, and since most events don't last longer, that's how you get those averages. It's not like a lot of games where you have to press almost constantly during the entire game.

And, yes, the first number is the one you're used to. The second gives the zero bits. The third gives the one bits.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2000

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