What's your favorite junk food?

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I think mine would have to be a toss up between Krackel bars and Sour Cream & Onion potato chips. Depends on whether it's a sweet or salty craving, I suppose.

-- Jenna (jenna@jennasite.com), September 11, 2000


My favorite junk food is definately Little Debbie. That's the best crap I've ever tasted!

-- Stephanie Brown (tweeder91@home.com), September 11, 2000.

Ketchup chips. And anything remotely chocolate-like. If it has the letters "choc" in it somewhere, I am there! Can you say "sucker", boys and girls?

-- Tracey (tntnikki@excite.com), September 12, 2000.

GummiBears. Also like Gummi Fish, GummiLifeSavers, etc.

Honest to God, I have seen a Gummi Foot (about 8 inches long) and a Gummi Rat.

the Gummi Rat was on clearance...duh.


-- Bob (and_if_I_die@hotmail.com), September 13, 2000.

Onion chip dip and ripple chips. Mmmm... so bad for you... but it tastes sooooo gooooood....

-- Patrick (shamanofluthur@hotmail.com), September 13, 2000.

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