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I trying to convert my DV tapes to VCD's. I capture with ADS firewire and Ulead Video Studio 4. The capture format is DV PAL (full frame). After editing of the films, I try to encode the files in to VCD PAL format using Pansonic 2.2 and/or tmpeg. When using Tmpeg I have big problems loading the files I want to encode, if they are bigger than 400Mb. When I try to load a 2Gb file into the decoder, the application just hangs and I can't start encoding. Have anyone seen this? What can be done to solve this? When I use Panasonic, I have problems with the time the encoder needs for encoding my files and that the result plays back in EXTREME slow motion. A 15 second clip takes 5 hours to encode. The file size gets almost as big as the avi file and the 15 second clip is suddenly almost 5 minutes long. I don't change any standard settings. Can someone help me getting any of the encoders working?

Thanks, Robert

-- Robert Feldt (, September 11, 2000


What your talking about is discussed in a lot of detail on my web site which deals with using TMPGEnc and has downloadable templates developed in the process.

Build 12a is available also and some critisms on my site maybe on the way to being corrected. The problem of mis reading DV type 1 files is addressed in that update but it is un avaialble in english as yet.

-- Ross Mclennan (, September 12, 2000.

I looked at your page yesterday and saw why I had problems with using Panasonic 2.5 for my DV PAL projects. I'll update to 2.51. I now also know why I had problems with encoding of large files using Tmpeg. I didn't load the PAL VCD template before I browsed and loaded the avi file I wanted to encode. Even though you don't have to do this for small files (<400Mb), you'll have the problem I described with larger files. / R

-- Robert Feldt (, September 12, 2000.

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