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What famous adventure story by Poe had itssetting on the coase of South Carolina?

What other lesser known stories by Poe also had a South Carolina Connection?

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2000



In answer to your first question, the setting for the adventure story The Gold Bug was on Sullivans Island just off the coast near Charleston, South Carolina. Poe had been stationed there during his brief stay in the United States Army at Fort Moultrie.

The second question required a short search but I believe there were two other, lesser known tales that at least mentioned South Carolina. One was The Balloon Hoax and the other was The Oblong Box. In the latter, Charleston, South Carolina was the departure point for a trip to New York aboard the packet ship, Independence. This tale first appeared in Ladys Book in September 1844 and The Balloon Hoax first appeared on April 13, 1844 in the New York Sun.


-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000

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