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I swear there was a question here yesterday about how Ansel Adams toned his prints. It was asked by a German and, I think, a Municher.

I did a bit of research and scaned some pages on the subject from Ansel's books and I was going to ask in turn for advice on cathedrals to photograph in Germany because I'm going there in December. Don't have time for each of Ulm, Speyer, Wurzburg, u.s.v. I'm interested in them as photographic subjects regardless of history, age, etc.

But now I can't find the question. If he can make his question reappear, we can trade answers. On the other hand, if anyone else has an opinion, jump in.


-- John Hennessy (, September 09, 2000


John: The question is the third down the list from your question, and is titled "Darkroom".

-- Doug Paramore (, September 09, 2000.

Doug - thanks.

-- John Hennessy (, September 10, 2000.

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