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I recently acquired a Schneider 58mm Super Angulon XL. It takes the 3b center filter.

Does anyone know a good source for the Schneider filter at a low price? I was quoted $470 (plus tax) at one dealer, which is rather annoying, considering the lens itself was only about $1100.

-- lloyd chambers (, September 08, 2000


Lloyd, Try Robert White in the UK. The center filters are much lower than here.

The 58XL center filter is 160pounds - or $230 at present exchange rates. Here's the URL: Click on center filters under Schneider.

-- Ben Snyder (, September 08, 2000.

I use the Heliopan equivalent for the same lens and it works great. I bought mine from B&H.

-- Howard Slavitt (, September 08, 2000.

I would normally say Robert White or Christoph Greiner, but if you're only buying one item the shipping cost will add considerably to the total price. Call Badger Graphics (800-558-5350) and get a price from them also, they have "Gray Market" Schneider goods and may beat Robert White's price (+shipping) after the dust settles.

-- Wayne DeWitt (, September 08, 2000.

Thanks, Badger Graphics has it for $225, but not in stock for about 2 weeks.

-- lloyd chambers (, September 11, 2000.

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