Week 2: SMT Standards

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What is curriculum integration? Why are standards being developed? How can these standards be implemented in the classroom? What is being expected of children in the areas of Science, Math and Technology? Based on your online reading of the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS Project): Connecting Curriculum and Technology, post a two paragraph response to these questions. Make sure to cite your references. If you find any relevant link to support your answer, not only include them here, but also include the link in the link section of the egroups. GENERAL QUESTION THAT ALL SHOULD ANSWER: How did you feel about having the class materials totally online? Was this a good strategy to teach such content? What were the strengths? What were the weaknesses? How can it be improved? GROUP 1: please post additional challenge questions and links/resources related to this topic. The others will choose one and answer.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2000


Curriculum intergration is the use of Technolog, as a tool to enhance the learning in a content area or Multidisciplinary setting. Also it help students to achieve an obtain information in a timely manner, analyze the information, and present it professionally. Therefore standard are being developed to guide educational leaders in recognizing and addressing the esssential conditions for effective use of technology to support Pre-K-12 education. Standards can be implemented in the classroom by first creating an effective learning environment that will meld traditional learning approach, and new approches. Children are expected to use Math and Science in an increasly technology world". Therefore technology facilitates the transition from traditional Math and Science to the real world problems. Their thinking is also being enhanced. Also they are expected to be skilled to get a job in todays market world. Whereas they would be be able to live in an increasingly complex society. Students must be able to use technology effectively, with and effectiive educational setting, technology can enable students to become this.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2000

I felt very unconfortable, having the class material totally online. Due to the fact that I was trying to understand the material and understand how the computer work all at the same time , it was a little overwhelming. When I regersted for this class I was not aware that the total class would be on line. Therefore I had to make some adjustment. As for the strategy, we were able to accomplish the same or maybe more, if we were not using the computer. We learned from our peer and open up communication. Which also prove that children can learn form their peers, and working in groups is a positive way of learning.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2000

Curriculum integration is the incoporation of technology into the classroom as a teaching and learning tool in both content area subjects and multi-disciplinary areas. Technology today gives students opportunities to obtain information, analyze and present it to their classmates in a timely manner. The National Standards apply to both teachers and students. The teacher must have a thorough knowledge of how to teach and integrate technology into multi- discipline areas and it also applies to what students should be learning during their K-12 experience. In areas of Science and Math, technology can be used for research or as a problem-solving or decision-making tool. (cnets.iste.org) I enjoy having the class materials on-line. This is a wonderful way to teach content because I am getting hands-on experience along with learning new material. Working cooperatively in my group, along with their valuable input, helped me to further analyze and complete the task at hand. I am looking forward to learning more about Excel as I have little information on that program. I feel that it would be a beneficial tool in record keeping and charting the progress of my students. The only weakness is that class goes by so quickly just when its getting fun.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2000

Curriculum integration involves using technology as a tool to enhance learning in a particular content area or multidisciplinary setting (NETS Connecting Curriculum and Technology). Students should become capable users of technology, and this is one reason why these standards are being developed. Students need to be prepared to enter a technological world both during and after school (iste NETS Project Overview). By having technological standards as well as curriculum integration students can use their knowledge effectively and productively. Curriculum integration also allows students to practice there technological skills while learning something else (i.e. math, science, ect.). In order to have students be effective users of technology, teachers have to be well knowledged and comfortable with technology themselves. Both students and teachers need to have easy access to this technology. I like that I have the opportunity to improve my skills in the computer and with certain computer programs. I don't so much like doing all the homework on the computer, only because it is very time consuming and not at all portable. I can't explore a website and post my answer on the subway! But I am glad that I have a computer and the time to do it.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2000

Let's face it, the use of technolgy is essential in the modern world. If we as teachers want our students to become productive members of society we must implement technolgy into our curriculum.

The standard can easily be implemented into the classroom if teachers are trained for it. Teachers need to feel comfortable using computers in order for the standards to be met and for successful learning to take place in the classroom. Unfortunatly teachers are often hesitant to fully use the oppotunities computers have to offer. This is because of their lack of experience and expertise.

I think having the course thaught online is a great teaching stragegy for us. What better way to learn something than just doing it. It allows us to learn more about implementing technogy into the classroom and still allows us to ask questions and make mistakes. It's good practice.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2000

Part 1 Curriculum intergration is the use of different "approaches" in order to maximize one's education. Since technology is everywhere, it only makes sense to take advantage. The use of technology in the classrooms will not only benefit the child in the present, but be of a great help for the future. Programs on the computer can make learning fun. Because of this, children will want to use it. Since technology is spreading throughout the schools, standards need to be implemented to make sure children are learning appropriate information, the appropriate way., or better This can be implemented by the teacher or by any other staff involved with the children. Better yet, by schools themselves or even the overall district. As long as it is implemented properly and effectively, that is all that matters. A computer can be used to compliment a regular lesson, or be used entirely for a lesson. Computers can be used only a certain times of the day, or at random times. Whatever works for for everyone involved. Also, parents should definately have a say in this matter. Maybe they to can contribute any great ideas that they may have. Since technology is becomming, if not already, the way of the world, math, science, and the knowledge of technology is very important. These are the related studies that children will need in the future.

Part 2 Having lessons on-line is fun and convenient during class, however on other days, it is not. I only have limited time access at school. I will manage, for I have no choice. I do believe that this is a strategy to teach the required content. Since this is a technology class, it is definately a strength to be constantly using the computer. For me, a definate weakness, is that I have to type all papers, etc. at school, which is not too convenient. In my opinion, it would be easier for me to type my fieldwork experience from home. This way I can dedicate the necessary time to it.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2000

Being that I do not know much about computers, this is the opportunity to familiarize myself with it. At first I was a little hesitant but as each week goes by, I find myself becoming more comfortable. I definitely agree that this was a good strategy being that this is going to be such an important factor in the education field. I thought that perhaps smaller group working together may work better because each member in the group can have a chance of working on the computer and work more closely.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2000

Curriculum integration involves the use of "a tool" as technology, for implementing, supporting, and stimulating the learning divided into variety of content areas and multidisciplinary settings. Standards are being developed to reflect the curriculum's changes that address modern life's new experiences. To implement in the classroom the new developed standards all students should hve the opportunity to develop technology skills that support learning, personal productivity, decision-making, and daily life. Students will be prepared to be lifelong learners who make informed decision about the role of technology in their life. (Connecting Curriculum and Technology NETS) I enjoyed having the class materials totally online, but I have to say that it is difficult for me to keep up the class work because I am not a fast typist, not very handy with the mouse, and I do not have a computer at home, so I can use MMC computer, only when I am here. To have all class material online and students getting hand-on experience it is great teaching strategy very efficient when implementing technology course. Working in-group online allows us to better understand the topic and learn more in a shorter time.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2000

I like the fact that technology has evolved to the point where a teacher can be in a classroom but not necessarilly the students. It opens up a ton of opportunities for both student and teacher. It can be extremely helpful for teachers-both old and new. As mentioned in First-Year Teaching Performance Profile #17- participating in technology-based collabaration as part of a program helps teachers stay abreast of new resources that support enhanced learning for PK-12 students, sharing this wealth benefits everybody. An inexperienced teacher could ask for help while on the web and receive tons of helpful hints and techniques, which otherwise would not had been available to her. Participating in a class where the material is online can be very useful to both teacher and student involved. The tricky paart is, that sometimnes the student may not be knowledgeble in computer , but hopefully the teacher has prepared for this scenario and has helpful hints and helplines located within the web. Teachers could also set up web sites for their students from which they can work from home. Students may even help the teachers by submitting their own ideas of what their website should be about,thus enforcing the collaboration between teacher and students. This in force could turn out to be a positive thing, I truly enjoyed this experience. It helped me become more comfortable with the computer anad with the material. While I enjoyed this experience, I do not see myself taking an online course in the future. I like the experience of being in a classroom and having personal interacions with both the teacher and my fellow classmates. I love to use the computer to obtain information and knowledge, but taking a class on

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2000

The curriculum is what your district has set out for you to teach. Curriculum integration is you the teacher intergrating that in with your normal every day lesson plans. Standards are being developed in both reading and math so that we can tell where our students are. Standards are more or less rules that we need to teach by. What our children need to know, not only by a certain age, but by the end of that grade year. In having the materials online at first I thought it would be fun but then I realized it was a bit difficult for me. For me it was not a good strategy to teach by because I am a person who nees the information in front of me so that I can high light key points.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

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