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Ok, anyone care to acuse hisa of not using frameskip? I disqualified Game guru for a much higher frame average than this... perhaps we should tell him to use no sound? I'm a bit puzzled because i trust hisa here, but the bits are really fast. Bit 170, length 1: 1556 ( 9.25%)
Bit 170, length 2: 5267 ( 31.31%)
Bit 170, length 3: 6929 ( 41.19%)
Bit 170, length 4: 2032 ( 12.08%)
Bit 170, length 5: 520 ( 3.09%)
Bit 170, length 6: 277 ( 1.65%)
Bit 170, length 7: 120 ( 0.71%)
Bit 170, length 8: 69 ( 0.41%)
Bit 170, length 9: 31 ( 0.18%)
Bit 170, length 10: 23 ( 0.14%)
Bit 170, length >10: 901

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2000


anyone care to take a stab at this? This really looks like hisa is not using auto frameskip, or is maxing out at 11, but at the same time he's such a good player that i think he would NOT record if the game wasn't smoothly playable like in the arcades...

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000

I think he already used no sound. And I doubt he did it on purpose, but it looks like the game definitely ran too slow on his machine. The game ran too slow even on Game Guru's machine, and he says he has a 1 GHz Athlon. Makes me wonder what kind, though. Compared with how mine performs, it sounds like he got a very cheap one where a lot of corners were cut to make it cheaper.

The problem is that, for a player, it is not always noticeable if a game runs too slow. Lots of games run very smoothly, yet too slow. I found that out with Super Sprint during T2. I didn't know it ran too slow until I asked Gameboy to play back a recording of mine. It took him 6 minutes to play back; on my machine then it took 9 minutes...

Maybe we should just ask Hisa-Chan to play back his recording on his own machine, hit F11, and watch it throughout the entire playback. Just checking the speed at the start of this game is not sufficient, because, like the 3D parts in Aurail, there are parts of this game that slow down a lot.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2000

I will mail him and ask if he can report the F11 speed.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2000

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