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To anyone interested in cyanotypes: There is now a full-fledged site packed full with information about cyanotypes. A message board has been added so you can post messages to fellow artists, and there is also a growing section called 'artists', where you can send one of your cyanotypes and get listed. You can also advertise any exhibitions or workshops you are having and source materials. As this site is a 'labour of love' everything is of course free. Please contribute with any news about your work... and forward this message to anyone you might think is interested. Regards, Malin

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-- Malin Hylen (, September 08, 2000


Iv'e just started to look up information on the web about alternative processes. I'm a student in high school, and iv'e recently started to experiment with cyanotype. Iv'e made a 4ft x 5ft mural on cloth and have just been experimenting with different types of paper. is there anything cool that I could try? Just today I saw on the net that you can combine Vandyke and cyanotype, (with cyanotype on the bottom) so i coated some paper, and I'll see how that works tommorow. I just want to try a lot of different things... give me ideas. -emily

-- EmilyThompson (, January 17, 2002.

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