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OK, OK, I can't say I NEVER go there.

As things have been a little TOO serious lately, thought you all could use a good laugh. In the spirit of Monty Python, give this a gander. Here for your entertainment from SLEAZYboard go to:

-- Aunt Bee (, September 07, 2000


Mr. Creosote IRL

-- Helper (Link@PEZ.board), September 07, 2000.

Just FWIW, you may wish to start on page 1, as the link is to page 2 of the thread.

-- Aunt Bee (, September 07, 2000.

During that read, I couldn't help but think of the various descriptions of the up-chuck, RRRRAAAALLLLPPPHHH, technicolor yawn,calling the BUICK,blowing chunks,sawdust wrangler..there must be many more..

-- just thinking (of the other b@rf.descriptions), September 07, 2000.

Oooooooold Git

-- (make@you.barf), September 07, 2000.

AuntBee...HI! =0)

-- cin (cin@=0).cin), September 07, 2000.

Ok, so apparently there are no remaining Pythoners among us!

-- Aunt Bee (, September 07, 2000.

Aunt Bee,

Spare a thought for the sufferers,please

-- Chris (, September 10, 2000.

Hey Cris,

Only got a min, trying deal with a water disaster, but ya gotta admit, it's better than a CPR rant. Can't ya give me that, huh?

-- Aunt Bee (, September 10, 2000.

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