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I am thinking about purchasing a Zone VI Type enlarger. I plan to purchase a Beseler Universal 45 head for colour work. However, I should like to be able to shoot 5X7 colour film and print it if I wish.

Can anybody suggest a way of adapting the head so that it projects a wide enough cone to cover the 5X7 without appreciable vignetting? Has anybody tried it? It has been suggested to me that I use a 'thick' enough styrofoam panel to elevate the head. I am looking for a neater and more elegant solution. Don't wish to deal with sticky crumbs of styrofoam on my negatives.

Does anyone know whether Red Light Enteprises which makes the Metrolux timer is still in the biz?



-- Erik (, September 07, 2000


For one thing, you don't want the Type I Zone VI enlarger if you plan on doing 5x7, so be careful. The Type II will do 5x7 B&W, and can be easily identified. It has two posts (versus one) that drive the lens stage.

I doubt that there's any way to adapt the 4x5 color head that you mention to a Zone VI enlarger. Even if you could adapt the head so as to get even illumination (and I doubt that you can) across the 5x7 format, inverse square law will get you on your exposure times.

If you want to do 5x7, I think you will need to consider some other enlarger. The Zone VI is easily adaptable to 4x5 color, but not to 5x7 color.

-- neil poulsen (, September 08, 2000.

I am with Niel. To do 5x7, you need the Type 2 enlarger. You can mount the Bessler head to the enlarger (if I remember correctly), check with Calumet for an adapter kit. You will NOT be able to print 5x7 with this setup.

-- Ed Farmer (, September 08, 2000.

I spoke with the Red Light people within the last year or so and AFIK they're still in business. Have you had trouble reaching them? If so, let me know and I'll give you the phone number I used.

-- Brian Ellis (, September 13, 2000.

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