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This may seem a really wanky response to a shortfall claim, but it really WILL help a current campaign against the mortgage shortfall industry if everybody writes to their MP (you can probably email them via the House of Commons web site). Please contact me for more details. Trust me. Eleanor.

-- Eleanor Scott (, September 07, 2000


I have e-mailed my MP - it took a while to locate e-mail addresess and I came up with three!!! The best place to find them is to go to the Liberal Web Site or the Conservative web site. As for Laour I cannot find a lot apart from the fact te Tony lair has withdrawn his e-mail address!!

I agree with Eleanor, the more people that make a noise the more likely it is that our voices will be heard. MP's are to a certain extent aware of the problem but need prodding to actually do something. As they are the only ones that Lenders and insurance companies will really take notice of I suggest that not only do we e- mail our MP's but we also contact the party leaders themselves.

If we shout loud enough someone will hear and take action.

-- Matt (, November 22, 2000.

Matt, please don't be under any illusion that the lenders will listen to MP's, they don't! I refer to the letters put up under *Repossessions* on this site. Albeit they were from the lenders solicitor, it just goes to show that they have no respect for anyone who questions their tactics. I know, they are my letters!

-- jacky jones (, November 22, 2000.

I agree with Jacky. I too have evidence which I believe confirms a general view that lenders are not concerned about individual MP's views on their actions. When it comes to Parliament itself taking an interest, then it's quite a different matter. In my view any threat of legislation being imposed on the lenders and their agents is perceived by them as a threat to that which they truly truly care about - profit! In my opinion one only has to look at the wording of their Mortage Code Statement of Practice regarding repossession to understand the extremely loose self-regulation they enjoy at present. Try counting the instances of the use of *Usually*,*May* and other "Flexible" words in that document to get a real idea of self- regulation in practice.

I do feel that writing to MPs is extremely important to publicise the truth within Parliament of the Repossessed Properties Sales Scandal. The lenders, in my experience, continue to pretend it doesn't exist, so I have just sent additional evidence of how this scandal works ( and even how it is promoted overseas as a good means of investment) to "friendly" MPs and journalists. As the Halifax's CEO once stated in the press; "If things aren't right, say so." So taking his advice, I will continue to say just that, to all who will listen!


-- Tony Hayter (, November 22, 2000.

I appreciate that MP's and parliament as a whole takes times to act. But I am a strong beleiver in if you make enough noise you will be heard.

One or two letters may not make a lot of difference but if every MP in the country recieved a letter, when they chat to each other (and they do) or search the commons database - they have a database holding brief details of all communications received and if a search is done on key words all letters etc would be listed - eventually word would start to spead. That is how 37 MP's raised an Early Day Motion. All had been contacted by constituants and had talked.

It may take time, it may not help those of us who need the help today but eventually I have faith that the wheels of government will turn and people in future can reap the benefit.

-- Matt (, November 22, 2000.

My MP has been invaluable in my fight against the lenders, he has acted more or less as a surrogate solicitor--which brings me to the point that Eleanor is trying to make. Contact your MP's, they may not hold a lot of weight individually but together they can be a force to be reckonned with. The EDM from Mike Hancock is proof of this.I e- mailed 48 MP's and received only 11 replies but on looking at the EDM signatures I noticed that quite a few of them belonged to MP's on my mailing list. If you don't contact them they may well be unaware of this shortfall fiasco--come on--it's worth the cost of a phone call or stamp if it moves the Government towards a change in legislation.

-- jacky jones (, November 25, 2000.

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