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Howard Slavitt ( asked :

Christiane, would you take the time to weight your Arca Swiss so that we (I) can know the actual weight, which sometimes differs significantly from the manufacturers' specs?

Thanks for giving me reason to play with that new jewels :-)) Momentarily, I've just the naked second hand camera, no RFH, no RFH adapter, no lenses, no lenseboards. When they come, I'll weight them again, but it may last two weeks more. I have the 6x9 F-line compact model (with folding rail of 30cm and universal soft leather bellow of 25 cm), note that from the specifications, the metric model is a little heavier than mine.

Wth the Arca-swiss quick release rail clamping on the tripod head and with the groundglass and fresnel, it is weighting approximately like quoted in the specifications : I didn't have a precision tool, but got between 2.150 kg and 2.200 kg; when I take the quick release rail going on the tripod off, it weight 2.050 kg.. (sorry, but I don't have the conversion in pounds.. and onces). But if you have them : they are correct..

-- Christiane Roh (, September 07, 2000



I am curious to know if you checked into the Arca F 4x5 compact field camera (I believe). It has a 6x9 front and 4x5 rear for easier focusing.


-- Mark Matsche (, September 07, 2000.

Hi Mark,

From the catalogue I've in hands, the only difference between the classic F-line models and the Compact F-line models is the monorail, which can be folded for the Compact. The difference in weight is only of 200 gr. in both cases. However the Arca system is completely modular, so it would be easy to change just the rear standard and the bellow in order to get what you describe..

Allways from the specifications : the difference between the compact 6x9 and the compact 4x5 is of 1.0kg.. (3.2kg for the 4x5 against 2.2 kg for the 6x9).

Your statement makes me curious however : why would the 4x5 be easier to focuse than the 6x9 (assuming you are shooting with a Roll film holder in both cases.. Shooting 4x5 sheets of film, the conical bellow may limits movements ? However it would be interesting to use it with a 6x12 RFH..

-- Christiane Roh (, September 08, 2000.

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