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This is a question for all you lens experts. I have obtained a Goerz lens via eBay that was supposed to be a "Red Dot Artar". The seller did say that he was sure it was a "red dot", but could not verify this. Well, being one to never resist an oldie, I purchased it. However, it does not conform to what a 210mm "red dot" should be.

There are no markings on this lens other than "C.P. Goerz Am Opt Co" and the serial number. It is an f/6.8 lens. Red dots are f/9.0 - however both the Gold Ring Dagor and Gold Dot Dagor (240mm) are f/6.8

I suspect that it is in reality one of the "golds", but cannot verify this. Is there another way to identify this lens, like by serial # ? I have found some history on Goerz lenses on this site and others, but nothing that is any help. Any suggestions or tips?

Many thanks.

-- Matt O. (, September 07, 2000



I am no expert on Goerz lenses, but try posting this to the USENET group, if you don't get any useful responses here about this.

There are people there who would probably be able to tell you.


-- KH Tan (, September 07, 2000.

I have a 12" Gold Dot Dagor, and it has a gold colored dot embedded in the name plate (it doesn't wear off). The later gold ring varieties have a gold colored rim. The Red Dot Artars have red dots on the name plate.

-- David Goldfarb (, September 07, 2000.

Goerz American Optical Co. made a lot of lenses under government / military contracts and in some of these contract jobs there were no trade names engraved on the lenses. Sounds like you have a Dagor as the Artars were certainly slower designs. Check that the same serial number is on both front and rear elements. There are some sketchy records on serial numbers but I believe they just reveal year of manufacture. If you feel like disassembling the lens rings and examining the elements, look for a Dagor to have symmetrical front & rear elements each consisting of three lenses cemented together so well that it appears to be one lens. The Artar's symmetrical front and rear elements are made from two air-spaced (no cement)elements which separate easily when the rings are removed.

-- C. W. Dean (, September 07, 2000.

What's the serial number? Is the lens coated?

-- neil poulsen (, September 08, 2000.

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