A good time to use a heart rate monitor

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Mook wrote this on his training diary (http://www.uokh.f2s.com/mookdiary.html):

Sept. 5, 2000 --- I ran 40 minutes in town this morning. I tried to tone down my pace for a recovery day, and did so for the most part. I find I have to concentrate if I only want to run quite slowly, otherwise my pace will creep upwards and before I realize it I am running too hard.

This is exactly the type of training when a heart rate monitor can be handy. When you are doing a "recovery day" it can be easy to start running a bit too hard. By using a heart rate monitor you can keep an eye on your heart rate and make sure you don't go too hard.

When will Mook get himself a heart rate monitor? What is he waiting for?

-- Michael (meglin@juno.com), September 06, 2000


While a HRM might be a valuable training tool, and I don't wish to de-emphasize the delight that publishing HRM records can bring to ones friends, I don't think this is what I need. What I described is that while training I would start to think about something other than my effort. Then my pace would slip. The same thing could happen if I stopped watching my effort as measured by the HRM. I can always feel how hard of an effort I am making. I can also gauge it by how fast objects move by me as I make my way. That's good enough, I think.

That being said, there is the question of HRM power meters. Some say it is wise to hold out until the power meters are available.

The last thing to consider is the price of these tools. They don't come too cheap. And, it's not like Mook is exactly raking in the cash. Perhaps there are other things (good for training and good for OK) that Mook will spend money on?

Finally, it isn't completely out of the question that Mook will some day have a heart rate monitor to call his very own. There has been speculation that that day may be closer than some in the OK community have suggested, but then that's all just speculation. We may know more by the time Late Night rolls around.

-- Mook (everett@psi.edu), September 07, 2000.

During sex? Is that a good time to use a heart rate monitor?

-- Swampfox (wmikell@earthlink.net), September 07, 2000.

For those people who don't understand how HR monitors work-- They usually have target zones you can set so they beep when you are out of the target zone, so that if someone who can't concentrate while running, well they're all set. Perhaps marathoning would be a better sport for that type though.

-- Snorkel (danielmeenehan@aol.com), September 17, 2000.

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