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I have an Omega D2 enlarger that came with a used glass negative carrier. The glass on the carrier is scratched and I am trying to figure out my options. Should I buy the individual glass and anti-newton glass so that I can replace the glass on the current carrier? Would it be better to purchase a non glass carrier? If I were to purchase a non glass carrier, does the carrier hold the film firmly? Would it be better to purchase a new glass negative carrier?

-- Roger Haynes (, September 06, 2000


Roger: I would replace the glass in the present carrier. You ought to be able to find thin glass at a good glass shop. Also, I have cut down the glass from a cheap picture frame. Many of them have thin glass and you can check it for scratches. I would try it without anti- Newton glass to see if it works with your negs. I haven't had very good with anti-Newton glass as the pattern shows up on the print. I also haven't used glass carriers in several years. I just don't find them necessary unless I'm making pictures of test charts. I much prefer the glassless carriers. I have an Omega D-2 also. The glassless carriers make for much less dust spotting on the prints. Even with the condenser lighting with the enlarger, if you will give the neg a short time to warm up, it will "pop" and then stay put. Refocus after the neg warms up and it will stay in focus. Hope this helps, Doug.

-- Doug Paramore (, September 06, 2000.

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