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The Trophy is sitting upon my office desk were it belongs. Too long away from its home. But seriously guys It was great spending time with all of you. Next year we should use a hand cap(Mine would be singing) No really, Dave could look at the past score cards and give each wakely brother a number of strokes to deduct from next years round!! Next summer location???? Hilton head SC? Chicago midway to hilton head $99!!! Dave will hopefull update the Wakely open web page with the photos!

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000


I agree! It was a great time, even if we had to marry off Pete to do it. Special thanks to Matt and Vicki for putting up (and putting up with) me and Michael. Jon, I've been thinking along the same lines as you. I'll pull all the old score cards I have (although I don't have them all) and I'll look up (there's a web site) how to compute a handicap. I'll let you know what this reveals (like who REALLY would have won this year!). And, okay, I promise this time, updates to the old WB page ARE coming soon! And Mark, I was glad I got to finally see Kevin as well. Regards to all..

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2000

Thanks to both of you long distance reception attendees! (meaning your plane flights, not your drives on the course). Just got pictures back- I'll forward soon. Would have got married a long time ago if I knew it was going to be that much fun.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2000

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