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What are the responsibilities of the church as far as medical benefits for their pastor? Is the church responsible for the pastor and family or just the pastor? Also, does the church go out and the medical or does the pastor get the medical insurance and bring to the church for payment? Is there a limit on what the type of medical coverage a pastor is to have? Are there guidelines in the discipline for this?

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000


I guess that the stewards and the pastor should negotiate medical coverage for the pastor and his family along with the salary, housing, and other benefits that are negotiated between them when he comes to the church each year. Alot of smaller churches negotiate and the pastor is lucky to get a full time salary and housing allowance let alone health benefits or travel or anything else.

I actually used to work for an insurance company and my health benefits were free and my wifes benefits also were free if she didn't work or worked for a company that didn't offer health coverage. So I think this is probably a good policy to adopt when negotiating.

As for who gets the insurance I think you probably both should price it ( the church and the pastor)and see who gets the best affordable rates. If you pay the pastor as self employed to avoid taxation and social security and other things, then the pastor can look into health insurance through some small civic or business groups or organizations that can offer lower group rates and the church can compensate through salary for his insurance payments in some way.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000

The issue of medical benefits for pastors ultimately depends on how many churches would pool resources to become effective buyers of coverage. The AME Church already has this arrangement thru its connectional feature. In this age of managed care that means linking up with a state approved HMO. Church leaders need to decide whether the benefits of HMO coverage exceed the costs for joining. Just a suggestion.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2000

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