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I have to write an essay about The Raven. I found the interpretation in Poe's Philosophy of Composition. But is there nay other interpretation besides this "construction plan for the perfect poem"? I Need help! It's very urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THank you! September 6th

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000



As Im sure you recognize in Poes Philosophy of Composition, Edgar was merely describing the mechanics of construction for the poem, The Raven. Inspired by Charles Dickens mention of reverse composition in literature, Edgar used this essay to say that he could, upon request, recall precisely how each of his works were created. Whether this is actually true or not is left to your own imagination. However, I do not believe it was his intent for this essay to be an literary interpretation of the poem itself. Personally, I see it more as a construction schematic that gives some insight into his talents, his brilliance and his absolute command of the English language.

Prior to 1845, Poe was known primarily as a bold and daring literary critic and essayist that also wrote excellent short stories. While his poetry had been published, I do not believe it had become widely read and if it had, it was certainly not as accepted as his tales. Today, there are few poems that are so immediately associated with its author. It seems one cannot hear the term, The Raven without instantly conjuring a picture in our minds of Mr. Poe.

You can find an interpretation or summary of The Raven in Kenneth Silvermans latest biography. You can also find an excellent summary by Christoffer Nilsson, a Swedish computer scientist and Poe enthusiast, at:

In addition, I will send you, via e-mail, my own thoughts. I hope you find it useful.


-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000

i also thought the raven was foretelling the death of his cousin/wife or whatever she was i cant recall but it was like he was writing it as she was dying his cousin being the lost lenore

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2000

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