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I just purchased a 19" Red Dot Artar from Jeff at the Photo Emporium. Has anyone ever purchased from Photo Emporium before? If so, what was your experience? (I guess I should have asked this BEFORE I made the purchase.) He sounded nice and the Red Dot Artar was a great deal!

-- Ron Whitaker (, September 05, 2000


Ron: If the lens you get/got is what it was advertised to be and the price is good and Jeff was nice, it really doesn't matter what someone else thinks. Experiences can vary widly between one purchaser and the next. Just as an example, look at the long list of postings on on B & H in the dealer comments section. Some think they are awful, some think they are the greatest thing since electric lights. It really depends on what the buyer's experience was, and probably what salesperson they dealt with. Incidentally, I couldn't find any comments on Photo Emporium. I'm not a dealer, I'm a photographer who has to buy about everything by mail order since I live in a town time forgot.

Regards, Doug.

-- Doug Paramore (, September 06, 2000.

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