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Can someone tell me where it is in our Book of Discipline that directs that a Pastors name/signature must be on the Local church bank account signature card, as an authorized signer of checks? This creates extremely difficult accounting situations. Is anyone else having a problem with this "situation"?

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2000


All I can speak for is my own church. We have a dual signature business account so that 2 people must sign all checks. The pastor or treasurer is usually one of them.

The Pastor should be aware of all the church's expenses. The pastor is the head of all church organizations and therefore should know what expenses and income the church has. The stewards are responsible for the church finances, but the pastor and the trustees are responsible to the conference for any debts that the church acquires that may jeopardize church properties. Maybe this is why your pastor wants to sign all the checks, but the 2 signature method helps keep suspicions down.

We alao have put a voucher system in place where each organization fills out a voucher when a check is needed. The voucher is signed by the treasurer of the organization and then the voucher is submitted to the church treasurer. He then ok's the expense with the pastor via signature so that the pastor is aware of the expense and then the check is printed and signed. The check needs the signature of 2 authorized people. Usually the treasurer and one of the members of the finance committee or the pastor. This system helps keep the treasurers of the various organizations aware of the expenses.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000

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