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Sadly Agfapan in 8x10 is gawn! But surely there is a dealer out there with some left. Does anyone know where?

Also do you think 4x5 is next in line to bite the dust? When? If so then I will stock up now.


-- Sol Campbell (, September 05, 2000


The 8X10" Agfapan 100 has been off the market here in Germany for almost a year now, so needless to say, there isn't a box to be found, and if I knew where to get it, I would keep it to myself ;-)

The other formats are still available, and if I had to guess, I would say that the 5X7 would be pulled before the 4X5, it's just a question of economics. 10 years ago, we use to shoot 8X10 and 5X7 in the studio every day, but it's all been replaced by 4X5". The scanners are just too good these days, and the larger formats are no needed to get a quality scan and print job done. How many film companies could continue to produce a product aimed at such a small target group like us, 8X10" "artists"?

-- William Levitt (, September 05, 2000.


I bought some of Calumet's last boxes a year ago or so, maybe a little more. I've got two or three left. I haven't been able to find the stuff anywhere. I'm switching over to Ilford's two offerings. Considering Ilford still offers the HP5 in really bizarre formats like 7x17 and 20x24 and so on, I figure they will be the last to succumb. Though maybe there will always be some kooky little outfit in Europe catering to us kooky photographers. My local supplier keeps trying to get me to try Fortepan, which is quite inexpensive.

-- Erik Ryberg (, September 05, 2000.

Erik - If the 8x10 is as good as the 35mm Fortepan I just tried, you should listen to him!

-- Alec (, September 05, 2000.

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