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I have been into VCD making for quite a while. I believe I have what is the best method that creates the best quality VCD's.


1. Pentium 3 equiped PC (faster the better!) 2. M-Filter card (for cleaning up incomming video) 3. Broadway MPEG-1 Capture card (can convert AVI to MPEG offline) 4. Any TV Tuner/Capture card capable of capturing at 640X480 5. Huffyuv AVI codec (provides uncompresed AVI quality at less space) 6. Large Hard Drive 7. Virtual Dub

Ok the method is, have the video going into the M-filter and the M-filter hooked up to the TV Tuner/Capture Card and capture at 640X480 AVI using the huffyuv codec (the capturing program being virtual dub since u can get around the 2gig AVI file limit because it creates multi files). Once you have captured the video, Use virtual dub and it's fserv capability (resize to 352X240 and deinterlace)to send the video to the Broadway MPEG-1 encoder to encode the video to MPEG-1 VCD compliant video in realtime (for Pentium 3 CPU's but it must be pretty fast).

Anyone have a better method? Let me know

-- MrVCD (, September 04, 2000


Uhm, yea, a cheaper one. Equipment/Software: 1. Pentium 3 equipped PC (faster the better, get 2 processors) 2. Capture/TV Tuner card. 3. HuffYUV Codec 4. Large HD 5. Virtual Dub 6. TMPGEnc

Capture into Vdub, clean up in Vdub, then encode with TMPGEnc. Takes MUCH longer, but also can be done with what most of us already have. (I could use a bigger HD, but who couldn't).

-- FunOne (, September 04, 2000.

Okay, I'll join in with yet another example. This is what I do.

Hardware: Athlon 600 CPU (although I've also done this with a K6-3 450), ATI AIW 128 16/32 mb video card. 12x CDR burner.

Software: ATI Multimedia suite, IfilmEdit mpeg editor.

Steps: 1. Capture to Mpeg-1 real time. 2. 15 minutes to edit an hour of captured video with cuts and pastes. 3. 7 minutes to burn to white book VCD with EZCD Video Creator. 4. Watch VCD on stand alone DVD player to TV (very nice)

Note, the ATI is not easy to get working in anything more advanced than a basic computer system. But once you do sort out all the "issues" it does just fine. Resultant capture is just a tad less quality than going the AVI to Mpeg encoding route. However, saving several hours of encoding, is (IMHO) worth the slight trade off in quality. My web site has samples if interensted.

-- Rich (, September 04, 2000.

hi i using optibase moviemaker plus it can very good mpeg quality in has buit-in prefiltering. thanks

-- seller (, September 05, 2000.

Seller, how much was the card though?

-- FunOne (, September 05, 2000.

hi optibase moviemaker plus -S$3200 ,optibase moviemaker xpress S$2500

-- seller (, September 06, 2000.

Just to contribute another method. DV cranks out some very nice quality video. Captured through firewire I get a DV Type 1 AVI. This seems to be a format that's not widely accepted and causes some crashes when it is accepted, especially with TMPEG. To solve this, I convert to a DV Type 2 AVI using GraphEdit (this is not a re-encode). From there, I use VDub to clip out unwanted parts of video and then encode using TMPEG (deinterlace filters and cropping filters used).Obviously, that's the short version, but it gets the point across. This method is not the cheapest by far, but it certainly does not go up to $3000. The most expensive bit is the DV camcorder ($900US), the firewire PCMCIA card (yes I use a laptop to do this and it works great) is probably a few hundred as well. It came with the laptop so I don't know exactly how much it costs. Have ya'll!


-- HazyMind (, September 12, 2000.


-- sTIR fLORIN (, January 17, 2004.

On the cheap side, why not use ATI TV wonder VE, Capture with Windows movie maker, Edit with same, Encode to DV-AVI, Use Canopus DV file converter(FREE), ENCODE AND FILTER With TMPGEnc(FREE), Burn with VCD Easy(the freeware can still be found) and watch on dvd player. It takes a little longer but if you have time it sure is cheap!)

-- David Mitchell (, May 04, 2004.

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