Fuji Quickload negative film?

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Does Fuji sell a color negative film in Quickload packets in Japan or Europe? Does anybody know where I can buy it from the U.S.

-- Glenn Kroeger (gkroeger@trinity.edu), September 03, 2000


supposedly there is nps quickload available in japan and europe (and poss. canada, although i haven't heard about it). people have told me it exists in england. try to contact a british supplier such as kjp (or robert white?). i wouldn't trust film that has been throught the post with all the new xray machines so i'd rather pick it up personally while overseas or have someone do it for me. loading and unloading is still better than convenient but potentially fogged film. the real question is why doesn't fuji import it themselves? the trans- parency film must sell quite well and neg film in general is more and more popular. i have been asking fuji for years why they don't bring it in. i don't think i've ever gotten a direct answer, or at least one explaining why a film that is produced and is wanted by its clients is not imported. fuji, like kodak and polaroid, is a large corporation whose market lies mainly in amateur consumer products. the pro market is generally considered to be unimportant (financially speaking). when fuji took rdp out of production a legion of pros in ny screamed and yelled and wrote and petitioned and called and threatened and tried anything they could think of to stop it but to no avail. even some of the pro e6 labs got involved (as rdp made up 70% or so of the film they sold and processed). fuji replaced it with the despised rdpII and e100s soon took over the market. fuji's explanation - the film designers felt that rdp was too "old technology." kodak still pro- duces epr and epn - old tech at best but useful and very good at what they do. i have strayed from the question, but if you want nps quickload call fuji @ 1.800.736.3600 and ask for it. you won't get it, but if enough people call at least they might eventually consider possibly importing it. until then get an overseas friend to bring you a bunch or stock up on your next holiday.

-- adam friedberg (asfberg@hotmail.com), September 04, 2000.


-- Bill Mitchell (bmitch@home.com), September 04, 2000.

Glenn, Fuji sells quickload negs in two types, NS and NC in Japan. The speeds are both 160. Both are Daylight. NS is intended for portrait. A recommended exposure time is 1/8 sec or faster. NC is intended for Architecture, interior and commercial works and tolerates a long exposure. NC is also tolerent to fluorescent light. These are what Fuji describes according to their web site. I don't have an experience on them yet.

-- Masayoshi Hayashi (s2016398@student.rmit.edu.au), September 06, 2000.

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