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What lens boards does the Galvin 23 accept? Are they the generic types like Toyo, Linhof, or Wisner or are proprietary to the camera brand? Are there compendium shades available? I'm checking one out and need the info for the evaulation.


-- Robert McBride (, September 03, 2000


The lensboards are proprietary, 5" square by a bit over 1/16" thick. The lower corners have tiny square cutouts. They are very easily made. I needed a recessed lensboard a year or so ago, and Jim Galvin was able to supply one. He also mounted a Polaroid holder on a back. Don't be put off by the availability of parts. It's a terrific little camera. One feature I like is that, because of the generously sized spring bail arms that hold the groundglass, you can slide a rollfilm holder in and out without having to remove the back. One downside: no interchangeable bellows. njb

-- Nacio Brown (, September 03, 2000.

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