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Now that my question concerning lenses and bellow has been so nicely answered, I have another one about rollfilm holders. Are slide-in rollfilm holders which can be slipped under the groundglass compatible with the Arca 6x9 backs ? (and if yes, which ones ?) Or do you need to buy the expansive Arca rollfilm back & adapter ? I'd prefer the solution of slide-in to the other : from what I understand, you have to take the groundglass away in order to catch the picture.. Is that correct ? I will see the Arca reseller on monday, but fear that he won't draw my attention to products which they don't sell, so any of your experience with rollfilm holders and Arca 6x9 is welcome. Thanks in advance for yours answers : this forum is really a great ressource

-- Christiane Roh (, September 02, 2000


If you want a back with a self contained film transport mechanism you'll need to use an Arca film holder adapter 6x9 p/n 080002. This holder will accept Arca and Horseman 6x7 and 6x9 backs as well Mamiya RB backs, the Mamiya back does not fit as well as the others. Just so you know Horseman makes the filmbacks for Arca, the two are the same except for the name and price applied to the product. Another point to consider, Arca prices are highly inflated in the U.S. You can save considerable money by purchasing from a European dealer, such as Robert White in the U.K. I saved over $2000 U.S. on my complete Arca 6x9 Metric outfit compared with U.S. dealers such as B&H. Before you put you cash on the table you should REALLY comparision shop.

Bob P.

-- Robert Pellegrino (, September 02, 2000.


The "standard" way to use film holders on an Arca-Swiss 69 requires you remove the groundglass then attach the holder/adapter with holder. Unlike other cameras (Horseman etc) you do this NOT with a graflock style pair of sliders. Graflock style sliders attach the rollfilm back to the rollfilm adapter, but the groundglass lives in its own separate back. You switch between the adapter/rollfilm back and the groundglass back in the same way you switch lensboards.

You can buy a groundglass back that is springloaded for sheet film holders, but almost nobody uses 6x9 sheet film. IF you bought this back, I think Linhof still makes a 6x7 Rapid Rollex holder that would insert under the groundglass without removing it.

I would highly recomment the "standard" Arca approach. First, Horseman roll film backs are excellent and affordable. Second, Arca accessories like the wonderful reflex viewer attach to the non- springloaded version of the groundglass.

If I had my Arca catalog I could give you the part numbers. When you buy a standard 6x9F or Metric, you get the non-springloaded groundglass, then you have to purchase the roll film adapter and roll film backs.

-- Glenn Kroeger (, September 02, 2000.

Many thanks for your usefull answers. I see the standard solution it the best one and will go with it.

-- Christiane Roh (, September 05, 2000.

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