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Ok here is the deal. Our client needs 1800 8x10 ilfochromes of what we are shooting. So my partner and I got to thinking and said, why can't we do it? We are smart, (sort of) and have many years of darkroom experinece. So we are deciding to go ahead with it. Our question is since we are going to purchace a processor for this project should we go ahead and spend the extra money and get the 16x20 fuji processor and dryer. Is there any market for Ilfochromes hand made by a person that listens to what the photogrpher wants. Or is this market being met by all the digital hoop-la? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

-- jacque staskon (, September 02, 2000


I think the hoop-la will take over. There is perhaps a niche for an affordable digital enlarger however, designed for people who like the rustle of Ilfochrome sheets in the dark. Have you considered the Fuji Pictrography?h

-- Paul Schilliger (, September 02, 2000.

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