If I Were Bishop

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The following URL contains terrific food-for-though about the State of Bishops. You can find it on: www.goodnewsmag.org/magazine/2MarApr/ma99benjamin.htm My personal thanks go to Rev. Harold Turner, a participant on this BB for providing me with this intriguing commentary by a distinguished Professor of Divinity who happens to be active in the UMC. Superb reading!!

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2000


If I were Bishop, I would donate 2 Years of my salary to a fund to be used exclusively in founding new AME congregations, while encouraging other bishops, all clergy to do likewise. Let's face it--in another 30 years, where will the AME Church be without new blood. The lack of youth in our church should be the major consideration of all pastors. Blessings!

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2000

If I were a Bishop I'd really reflect on how I became one and in repentance expose this man-made ( 666 ? ) system of election. I'd really work towards a system where a man's work follow him. I'd be ashamed of the dropping of standards, the disregard for our brothers and sisters overseas ( not of this fold ? ) and the getting there at all costs attitude. I'd ask God to inspire me to be able to tell others to stand back and level the playing field to allow those who cannot buy votes or have the means to impress others simply because of an accident of birth not being an AMERICAN, to be able to reach African Methodism highest and most noblest ? office. I'd really ask God to be merciful towards me as far as his word goes ... when it is pay-back time ...Bishops first and then ....

Maybe I ought to thank God .... I am not a Bishop

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2000

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