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1. Renegade(bootleg)

2. Tempest

3. Moon Patrol

4. New Rally X

5. WindJammers

6. Metal Slug

7. Meikyu Jima

8. Elevator Action

9. Frezee

10. Kangaroo

11. The Pit

12. Vulgus

13. Xybots

14. Twinkle Star Sprites

15. Teddyboy Blues

16. Mikie(Japanese)

17. Tag Team Wrestling

18. Asteroids Deluxe

19. Track & Field

20. Super Cobra

21. Ghosts N' Goblins

22. Wonderboy

23. Metro Cross

24. Ping Pong

25. Rainbow Islands

26. Donkey Kong Jr.

27. Super Basketball

28. Tiger Heli

29. Sega Tetris

30. Time Pilot 84

Majority rules with good reasons to toss games out(one game / game type is the rule FYI) GB9

-- Gameboy9 (, September 01, 2000


1) Renegade Cool, sounds fine to me.

2) Tempest Argh! An old game I'm no good at... Oh well, okay I guess...

3) Moon Patrol Another old game I'm no good that, but at least this one is enjoyable.

4) New Rally X What? Again? After Rally X in T4? Nope, throw this one out...

5) WindJammers Don't know this game at all - not too large a download I hope...

6) Metal Slug Now I'm pretty sure that this is a large download... Spare a thought for us 33.6K modem users... For me this one is out...

7) Meikyu Jima Never heard of it...

8) Elevator Action Yes! Something I am okay at!

9) Freeze Don't know the game...

10) Kangaroo Oh, god no... I was only good at the Atari 2600 version of this...

11) The Pit Don't know the game...

12) Vulgus (Strives desparately to get TSS into T5...) Um, shooter, too much like Tempest?

13) Xybots Don't know this too well, okay I guess...

14) Twinkle Star Sprites Yes! Please!!!

15) Teddyboy Blues Don't like this much myself, but whatever...

That should be enough to get 8 from...

-- Barry Rodewald (, September 01, 2000.

1. Renegade(bootleg) <-- I used to like Renegade on NES, never played arcade version though

2. Tempest <-- Never played it.

3. Moon Patrol <-- Quite good for an oldie

4. New Rally X <-- Well, I don't know the game.

5. WindJammers <-- A cool NeoGeo game. Count that in.

6. Metal Slug <-- Definitely yes! The coolest shooter in MAME in my opinion...

7. Meikyu Jima <-- Don't know this too.

8. Elevator Action <-- Count that in! A cool game!

9. Frezee <-- Also don't know this one... darn it, I guess I should play something other than Neo-Geo once in a while :(

10. Kangaroo <-- Another one I don't know...

11. The Pit

12. Vulgus

13. Xybots

14. Twinkle Star Sprites

15. Teddyboy Blues

16. Mikie(Japanese)

17. Tag Team Wrestling

18. Asteroids Deluxe

19. Track & Field

20. Super Cobra

21. Ghosts N' Goblins

22. Wonderboy

23. Metro Cross

24. Ping Pong

25. Rainbow Islands

26. Donkey Kong Jr.

27. Super Basketball

28. Tiger Heli

29. Sega Tetris

30. Time Pilot 84

-- Takuma Sakazaki (, September 02, 2000.

Hmm... looks like it's starting again...

As far as I know, these discussions are NOT meant to throw out games that people don't like, but to raise more or less "objective" objections against games. "I don't like this game" does not sound objective to me. Neither does "I love this game" sound like a good enough reason to keep a game.

Objective could mean: Games that don't run at an acceptable speed without a ridiculous frameskip for most people. Or games that are too much like other games already in the tournament (or within the same genre) or that were in a recent tournament. It is also meant to identify things that could be disallowed BEFORE the tournament actually starts. Like leeching. And in this respect, I'd like to say that Kangaroo won't be any fun if leeching is allowed. Although you can't leech forever, you can sacrifice several lives (and score enough to get at least a few of those back) to get a pretty nice score. And you don't even have to get past the second screen to do it. If Kangaroo makes it in, I'd like to see some rule against this. After all, one of the tournament rules says people are supposed to try to make progress. I'd much rather see someone get to L-05 on this game and score only 60,000 than to get to L-03 and score 200,000. L-05 requires a lot more skill... . And it's also meant to discuss settings. Traditionally, the MARP tournaments have tried to avoid games becoming marathons, and, in a lot of cases, carefully choosing difficulty settings and number of lives can accomplish this.

The only other game I am familiar with in the first 18 or so is Elevator Action. That game is quite boring on Easiest, or Easier, or Easy difficulty, but becomes a lot more interesting on TG (medium difficulty) settings. I hope that TG settings will be decided on for this one. Although I admit that this might be subjective. Either way, even on Easiest, this game can't really be marathoned, so with everything else being equal, we might as well choose TG settings, as we've always had a preference of doing.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, September 02, 2000.

I'm cool with all the games except these:

Tempest - Mostly for control issues. Unfair to those w/o analog controllers (majority of MARP'ers I'd presume)

New Rally X - Rally X was in the last tourney, do we really want to play another Rally X game so soon? I definitely don't!

Track n Field - Wasn't this banned from all tourneys at MARP?

Ghosts n Goblins - Too many leeching opportunities. If this gets in, rules will have to be made about not leeching, which if not enforced properly will ultimately lead to accusations, bannings, arguments etc.. not worth it IMHO.

-- JSW (, September 02, 2000.

My initial thought is "please no more rally x". I loved this game in the arcades but after the number of times I played it in t-4 I think this should be removed from the list. No comment on the other issues raised above until I have looked at the games. Overall it seems to be a good mix of game types

-- Jason "Jazz" Hoseason (, September 02, 2000.

Yes BenJos - only objective causes will be accepted in this tournament as with all the other tournaments that have gone under this type of rule(3 and 4). I don't want to play this game is definatly NOT a good reason I'm sorry to say...

1. Renegade - "Final Fight" Fighter

2. Tempest - 3D Shooter - I could probably use a mouse to get around in this game... I'll have to look at that one...

3. Moon Patrol - Horizontal Shooter I guess :)

4. New Rally X - Maze - I gotta agree with a number of people - We had Rally X last time... at least we can wait one tourney before we can send this game in...

5. WindJammers - Sports

6. Metal Slug - Some form of shooter - but I still say in...

7. Meikyu Jima - This is a MAME 36 game or higher :(

8. Elevator Action - Maybe something harder is in order since a number of people had to deal with this in Deca 2000...

9. Freeze - I wonder if it's game type is similar to elevator action...

10. Kangaroo - I think this is OK - just remember the judges ain't gonna allow leeching! :)

11. The Pit - Something like dig dug? Regardless... lucky you Steve...

12. Vulgus - Vertical Shooter

13. Xybots - wouldn't this clash with tempest being a 3D shooter?

14. Twinkle Star Sprites - Vertical Shooter gosh darn it...

15. Teddyboy Blues - something in relation to kangaroo or elevator action...

16. Mikie - I don't see a japanese set - so we'd be playing the original if this got in...

17. Tag Team Wrestling - Would this be out because of windjammers?

18. Asteroids Deluxe - Some form of shooter...

19. Track & Field - This we rejected in T2 because of major controversy. We MIGHT allow it in T5 because we have tools to figure this stuff out now...

20. Super Cobra - Horz. Shooter - out because of moon patrol

21. Ghosts N' Goblins - Probably similar to elevator action and the like

22. Wonderboy - Similar to Ghosts N' Goblins?

23. Metro Cross - I thought this was a MAME 36 game...

24. Ping Pong - Out because of windjammers?

25. Rainbow Islands - Similar to ghosts n' goblins for sure!

26. Donkey Kong Jr. - I don't know what to classify that one

27. Super Basketball - out because of windjammers?

28. Tiger Heli - Out because of vulgus

29. Sega Tetris - Puzzle Game :)

30. Time Pilot 84 - That's probably out because of something... asteroids deluxe at least!

-- Gameboy9 (, September 02, 2000.

1. Renegade(bootleg *** Yes, game is fun

2. Tempest *** Never played seriously, but it seem too long to me for a tournament

3. Moon Patrol *** Yes, old and fun

4. New Rally X *** No, Rally X was in past tournament and the games are too similar

5. WindJammers *** No, the game is more difficul using a keyboard

6. Metal Slug *** Yes, one of the best Neogeo games, and work very fine on a p200 without sound using mame36

7. Meikyu Jima *** Never Played

8. Elevator Action *** Yes, Old and Fun

9. Frezee *** Never Played

10. Kangaroo *** No opinion for now

11. The Pit *** No opinion for now

12. Vulgus *** No opinion for now

13. Xybots *** No opinion for now

14. Twinkle Star Sprites *** Yes, grat neogeo game

15. Teddyboy Blues *** No opinion for now

16. Mikie(Japanese)*** Yes, fun game

17. Tag Team Wrestling *** No opinion for now

18. Asteroids Deluxe *** I hate asterois game, but i thing it's ok for a tournament (

19. Track & Field *** No, too advantage with joystick

20. Super Cobra *** No opinion for now

21. Ghosts N' Goblins *** Yes, fun game

22. Wonderboy *** Noooooo, too damn good players at it

23. Metro Cross *** No opinion for now

24. Ping Pong *** No opinion for now

25. Rainbow Islands *** Great game, but too long (no opinion for now)

26. Donkey Kong Jr. *** Yes

27. Super Basketball *** No opinion

28. Tiger Heli *** Yes

29. Sega Tetris *** Ugly game, atetris or nothing :)

30. Time Pilot 84 *** No opinion

Once again, sorry for my bad english

-- Giovanni "Gby" solinas (, September 02, 2000.

2. Tempest - Control issues, mainly. No big problem, but it's something to look for.

4. New Rally X - after having Rally X in the last tourny, I think we need a break; however, this is just an opinion, so I don't think it has much merit :)

8. Elevator Action - Since Deca2000 ended slightly recently, I'd be worried if people are tired of this game, like Rally X.

10. Kangaroo - Leechfest. Keep an eye out.

18. Asteroids Deluxe - Saucer hunting; keep your eyes peeled again.

21. Ghosts N' Goblins - possible leechfest.

30. Time Pilot 84 - is it possible to leech on this game as well? I don't know :(

The other games on the list I'm not too familiar with. However, may I plead to the court that you take into consideration the file sizes, like Barry said. Neo Geo games aren't exactly healthy for my 56k modem. Also, as BenJos mentioned, also consider computer speeds, framerates, etc. Thank you, your honor, no further questions. *Insert name here*, your witness.


J.D. Lowe

-- J.D. Lowe (, September 02, 2000.

JD, Mslug in mame has 100% on a pentium 200 without sound (with sound on a p300) using the latest stable version of mame (m36). The game is 12meg, but it worth the download!

-- Giovanni "Gby" solinas (, September 02, 2000.

1) renegade - beat em' up - ok

2) tempest - 3d shooter - control issues aren't THAT bad; i have a trackball and the game plays just fine. besides i voted it so i say keep it

3) moon patrol - horiz shooter - ok

4) new rally x - maze - though i didnt participate in T4, i can tell how much of you don't want this game due to rally x in T4, so its out

5) windjammers - sports - never played it but i guess its fine with me; ok

6) metal slug - horiz shooter/platformer - definitely ok, this game kicks too much ass :)

7) meikyu jima - puzzle? - man i love this game...if it's not in .35 maybe we can allow .36 just for this game? if so then another definite ok

8) elevator action - misc - no opinion yet; probably not ok because it was in deca2k; not entirely clear of genre

9) freeze - misc - never played it but i guess its ok

10) kangaroo - platform - ok i guess, out if conflicts with metal slug. consider possible leeching

11) the pit - never played it

12) vulgus - some kind of space shooter - ok

13) xybots - 3d shooter - conflicts with tempest; dont like this game too much anyway

14) twinkle star sprites - puzzle/shooter - seems unique enough and i love this game too; ok

15) teddyboy blues - platform - conflicts with metal slug and kangaroo

16) mikie - misc - no opinion, maybe ok

17) tag team wrestling - sports - conflicts with windjammers

18) asteroids deluxe - conflicts with vulgus, possible leeching

19) track & field - sports - i SO suck at this...conflicts with windjammers anyway

20) super cobra - shooter - conflicts with vulgus

21) ghosts & goblins - platform/shooter - just give me 1 reason why this should be was in T3, way too easy to leech and conflicts with metal slug

22) wonderboy - platform - no opinion, i personally hate the controls when jumping, maybe out

23) metro cross - race - ok

24) ping pong - sports - conflicts with windjammers

25) rainbow islands - platform - dammit, conflicts with metal slug :( i like both games but metal slug showed up 1st - i hate to say this but its out

26) dk jr. - platform - conflicts with metal slug

27) super basketball - sports - conflicts with windjammers

28) tiger heli - vert shooter - damn vulgus...out

29) sega tetris - puzzle - conflicts with meikyu jima and partially with twinkle star sprites; atari version is far superior anyway

30) time pilot 84 - shooter - conflicts with vulgus


games ok'ed are: renegade, tempest, moon patrol, windjammers, metal slug, freeze, vulgus, twinkle star sprites, metro cross

games maybed are: kangaroo (this isn't a shooter/platform so i guess keep it), mikie (it seems unique enough though)

windjammers is actually in a grey area for me - if the scoring is too low (which means lots of ties) then replace with tag team wrestling

-- david oliver (, September 02, 2000.

To clarify on Asteroids Deluxe: it is impossible to leech. In fact, Asteroids Deluxe was the first game deisgned to prevent leeching. The programmers wanted revenge on all the people who saucer hunted in Asteroids.

The saucers intentionally shoot at rocks, so you can't just leave rocks hanging for hours on end while you kill saucers.

Having said all that, I'll doubt we will make it that far down the list.

-- jbd (, September 02, 2000.

Anyway, here's my list with, I didn't try to come up with a reason to include Xybots...I think it's different from Vulgus and Tempest, but someone having all 3 in T5 would be 'too many shooters', even if they are all different styles.

*1. Renegade(bootleg)

Specifically, Nekketsu Koauha Kunio-Kun (Japan Bootleg). I'll call this one a 'fighter.'

*2. Tempest

I did a quick control test, seems to be ok. Better than Arkanoid, at least. I used to play this alot using Microsoft Arcade with a mouse.

*3. Moon Patrol


4. New Rally X

Rally-X is the Great Satan. It must be destroyed.

Also, we played it last time :-)

*5. WindJammers

Sports. The low-scoring objections might be justified, but I'll let people who know the game better debate that.

*6. Metal Slug

It's 13 MB. This is smaller than Samurai Shodown II which Barry voted for. :-)

7. Meikyu Jima

Not in MAME 35. D'oh! Scrap Vulgus at the end, I guess, if we get a new TG version of MAME.

*8. Elevator Action

Objections to it being in Deca2000 are silly considering we had Bobble Bobble while Deca2000 was still in progress.

9. Freeze

Platformer. [Well, in any case, we do have Metal Slug AND Elevator Action.]

10. Kangaroo

Platformer. [Same reason.]

*11. The Pit

Sort of 'maze game', I guess. Only the digging seems like Dig Dug.

*12. Vulgus


(if there's need for another, I have the next on my list as being fine is Mikie (Japanese).)

-- jbd (, September 02, 2000.

1. Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun - Beat-em-up. Don't see any problems with this one.

2. Tempest - it seems like every tourney has to have a game where analog control is going to screw people up (Discs of Tron, Crystal Castles, Marble Madness, Arkanoid II)... why should this tourney be any exception? ;P

3. Moon Patrol - more of a shooter than a platformer IMO.

4. New Rally-X - No, no, no, no, no, for the love of God, NOOOOOOOO!!!!

5. Windjammers - Sports. I ponder whether or not this game would be good for tourney play, since the CPU AI gets downright brutal in later stages and beating them is nothing more than luck. This game has always been a better Vs. game than a CPU game. Hmm...

6. Metal Slug - Platformer. I would REALLY like to see this get in. ;) As Jason noted, complaining about the game's 13-meg size isn't justified when you voted for a 14-meg game, Barry. :) besides, you've got a month to get it off or whereever. Oh yeah, complaining about Neo-Geo speed seems a bit silly to me now, as we have had Neo-Geo games in past tourneys (even T1 had Money Puzzle Exchanger and 2020 Super Baseball). If RAM is a problem, play it without sound.

7. Meikyu Jima - not in mame35.

8. Elevator Action - Platformer... is this different enough to warrant including it when we already have Metal Slug?

9. Freeze - seems to be a strange sort of platformer, should be out.

10. Kangaroo - another platformer. If it was included something would have to be done about the leeching, because I know one person who would abuse that to its fullest extent ;P (K*** L****)

11. The Pit - seems like a maze game, seems like crap. Which means it'll probably get in. ;(

12. Vulgus - vertical shooter... Moon Patrol's already a horizontal shooter, should it be included? I'm leaning towards no...

13. Xybots - very unique 3D game. Personally I think it plays nothing like Tempest. Hell, the argument could be made that it's a 3D maze game ;P

14. Twinkle Star Sprites - shooter, out...

15. Teddyboy Blues - platformer, out...

16. Mikie (Japanese) - another game that's hard to classify into a genre, unique enough to warrant inclusion. And it seems to me that the Japanese romset IS supported in m35tg3, who said it wasn't?

That's enough, I think 8 games can be pulled from there...

-- BBH (, September 02, 2000.

Just to clear it up, when I posted that I didn't know how large Metal Slug was. For some reason, I had a feeling it was towards 25-30MB... As for SS2, I already had it, and don't need to download it... sorta makes things easier... :)

-- Barry Rodewald (, September 02, 2000.

jbd: about asteroids deluxe i think roger's arcade tips said that it was possible to leech off those hexagon ships...

-- david oliver (, September 03, 2000.

Most games play fine except for the following problems I experienced: (assuming TG version is the one we will use for T5)

1. Renegade (bootleg)- doesn't work properly if the TG version is used. 7. Meikyu Jima - also doesn't work properly with the TG version. 28. Tiger Heli - the bootleg version has to be used, the original doesn't work. 29. Sega Tetris - The TG version doesn't work and you have to use the bootleg version as well.

-- Pam (, September 03, 2000.

You can hunt the snowflakes, it isn't leeching because the rocks don't last forever. Just try the game, eh?

Easier than hunting small saucers, at least, at the moment my strategy for small saucers is to run away. :-) See, the saucers now also do aimed wraparound shots, which means you can't do the lurking strategy very well either.

Also, it looks like that site you mention rips alot of the strategy from the Winner's Guide to Video Games (I don't remember the author offhand). If you can find that book it has a long section talking about the leeching problem in the original Asteroids although it wasn't called leeching, it was called 'beating the machine.' :-) And it then talks about the programmers wanting revenge like I mentioned before.

Also, Renegade (bootleg) works fine for me in MAME35TG. Is your problem with the Windows version?

Also, I'm testing Tempest more and having serious control problems. For example, in stage 9 I can't move the flipper to the left side of the screen, it's stuck on the right side. Anyone know what's going on? If is unfixable I'm changing my original list to have Xybots instead of Tempest.

Windjammers: I messed with this a bit, there are difficulty settings, probably setting them to 1 will solve our problems. (The last stages are still hard, though, I tested it with -cheat, so don't think it's now going to be too easy :-) Also, I think the time should be extended...30 seconds isn't that much time to score alot. Probably 50 seconds would be good (I tested with 60, seemed a notch too long). Anyway, to change the difficulty settings, hit F2 at the start, then select soft settings (using arrow keys and whatever button 1 is), then slot 0 windjammers. You'll see a screen to adjust the time and the difficulty as well as some other things. Use button 3 to back out.

-- jbd (, September 03, 2000.

1. Renegade(bootleg) *is ok for me* 2. Tempest *I like Tempest, but I think that there will be problems with the controls..*

3. Moon Patrol *What can I say?? One of my favorites, and a great game*

4. New Rally X *ahhh more rallyx?? *grin* This one is ok for me, but I hope that the TG settings ar easier than Rallyx ;)*

5. WindJammers *ok for me*

6. Metal Slug *A great game, and a lot of action for us!!*

7. Meikyu Jima *never played it*

8. Elevator Action *a neat little game, more than ok for me*

9. Frezee *no comment*

10. Kangaroo *a great platform game*

11. The Pit *never played it*

12. Vulgus *never played it*

13. Xybots *ok for me*

14. Twinkle Star Sprites *never played it*

15. Teddyboy Blues *never played it* 16. Mikie(Japanese) *ok for me*

17. Tag Team Wrestling * I wonder how the scoring will be in that game..* 18. Asteroids Deluxe *great game*

19. Track & Field *yes, yes, yeees! *

20. Super Cobra *a great (and hard) "shooter" *

21. Ghosts N' Goblins *of course I want this one:)and I don4t think that there will be any "leechfeast" in this game.. as long as all players "leech" on one men and don4t die and do it again..)*

22. Wonderboy *one of the best platform games ever!*

23. Metro Cross *I would like this one in T5! I think that there can be a lot of competition on this one*

24. Ping Pong *Never played it*

25. Rainbow Islands *ok for me*

26. Donkey Kong Jr. *Is more than ok for me..* 27. Super Basketball *hmmm never played it* 28. Tiger Heli *why not?*

29. Sega Tetris *I think that this will be the best choice for a puzzlegame..*

30. Time Pilot 84 *yeeehhaaa yee ,yes*

-- QRS (, September 05, 2000.

1 renegade : yes (with the clone kuniokub because original doesn't work)

2 tempest : yes

3 mpatrol : yes

4 nrallyx : no (because of t3)

5 wjammers : yes

6 mslug : no (because of mpatrol which is also an horizontal shooter)

7 kikcubic : no because it doesn't exist in m35 ; it's a pity because this game is fantastic

8 elevatob : no (already in deca2000)

9 ,10 ,11,12 : yes

-- phil (, September 05, 2000.

I've seen several people argue that because Elevator Action was in Deca2000, therefore it should not be in T5. First, and foremost, MARP's tournaments do not have anything to do with Deca2000. The rules of not repeating games from previous tournaments too soon applies only to MARP tournaments. Secondly, err... didn't we already have Bobble Bobble (another Deca2000 game) in T4, so why should a different "rule" all of a sudden apply to Elevator Action?

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, September 06, 2000.

My dear Walbeehm,

1 ) We're not here to APPLY RULES, but just to HAVE FUN, I guess ... So, of course, we're at MARP, and not at Deca 2000. But some players are or were involved in both, and these players maybe are fed up with that game. 2 ) if we made a mistake once, by accepting Bubble Bobble in our last tournament, it's not necessary to repeat that mistake with Elevator Action ... More, it would be stupid ...



-- Lagavulin (, September 06, 2000.

I am fed up with a lot of games, but that is no reason to reject a game. Once more, the point of this discussion is to disallow games for objective reasons, not subjective ones. Moreover, there is no way to please everyone. Disallow one game because YOU do not like it, and someone who DOES like it will become less pleased. It should be clear that when a lot of people vote on games, there are bound to be games that some people do not like. And it is also clear that neither Phil Lamat nor Lagavulin like Elevator Action, because if they had liked the game, they would never have been so "objective" as to state that some people may be fed up with it because it was in Deca2000. Besides, although both of them had signed up for Deca2000, neither of them submitted a single recording to it. So that includes Elevator Action.

And just out of curiosity: Why does it happen LOTS of times that when someone addresses something mentioned in a post signed "Phil Lamat", that reply gets a reply of its own, but signed "Lagavulin" this time?

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, September 06, 2000.

2 precisions for BenJos

10) I don't dislike elevatob (the one I dislike is renegade) ; I thought it MAY be out because of deca2000 (I had forgotten the boblbobl case) , and it was just an OPINION (debates are made to give opinions , correct me if I'm wrong) and not a wish ; it was the first of the 5 tourneys I was giving my opinion on the preselected games , and viewing the result it's the last ... choose the games I don't care

20) as every debate everybody can say its own word , but I'm not responsible of what others say ; I don't really understand the sense of your last remark ; all I can say is that with Lagavulin and Blost we are mailing each other oftenly about some games (my english is not so good and it's very pleasant to discuss in french sometimes)


-- phil (, September 06, 2000.

Ben Jos, You're completely wrong on these points. 1 ) I was not talking for my case ( in fact, I never played elevator action, and it would be difficult to be fed up with it without playing ... ), but for majority of players who played it for Deca2000. 2 ) So, I was suggesting to avoid games from Deca2000, once for all. Considering that, it becomes obviouly an objective reason to eliminate one game... 3 ) Rules are made to be changed if they're bad 4 ) Concerning your last point, stop doing the Sherlock Holmes... Several players already know that Phil and I are friends ... So I guess it's not so curious to have sometimes same opinions... maybe french solidarity...



-- Lagavulin (, September 06, 2000.

ELEVATOR ACTION should be removed because platform SHOOTER. So, it doesn't matter that it was in Deca2k. The head of it are TEMPEST (Tunnel Shooter), MOON PATROL (Side Shooter), And METAL SLUG (which is also platform shooter). It to bad that it didn't make the cut.

l8r, AxE

-- Lord AxE (, September 06, 2000.

CLASSIFICATION- 1. Renegade(bootleg)-Isometric Beat em up.

2. Tempest -Tunnel Shooter (gyruss like shooter) [just to let everyone know that slapstick still remains. Atari Warp Game (warping should not allowed.)]

3. Moon Patrol -Side Shooter *in?*

4. New Rally X -Maze Scavenger Hunt *out* if in T4?

5. WindJammers -Pong *in*

6. Metal Slug -Platform Shooter *out* ~2,3

7. Meikyu Jima -Arial Scavanger Hunt *out, if not in M35tg3?*

8. Elevator Action -Platform Shooter *out*~2,3,6

9. Frezee -Platform Scavanger Hunt/Shooter? *in* if ScH, *out* if shooter.

10. Kangaroo -Platform Goal (get from pt A to B) *in*

11. The Pit -Side Scavenger Hunt *in*

12. Vulgus -Vertical Shooter *out*~2,3,6,8

13. Xybots -3D Shooter *out*~2,3,6,8,12

14. Twinkle Star Sprites -Vertical Shooter *1on1* 2,3,6,8,12,13

15. Teddyboy Blues -Platform Shooter *out*

16. Mikie(Japanese) -Isometric Scavenger Hunt *out* if 9 is Scavanger Hunt.

17. Tag Team Wrestling -Fake Sport Beat em up *in*

18. Asteroids Deluxe -Another Shooter *out*

19. Track & Field -Button Beater *?????*

20. Super Cobra -Horizontal Shooter *OUT*

21. Ghosts N' Goblins -Platform Shooter *out Ghouls n' Ghost in T4?, Point leeching!!!*

22. Wonderboy -Horizontal Shooter *OUT*

23. Metro Cross -Isometric Race, I believe? *in*

24. Ping Pong -Pong *in*

25. Rainbow Islands -Platform Shooter *out*

26. Donkey Kong Jr. -Platform Goal (Getting from pt A to B) *in*

27. Super Basketball -Sport Game *in*

28. Tiger Heli -Vertical Shooter *out*

29. Sega Tetris -Side Puzzle *in*

30. Time Pilot 84 -Arial Shooter *out*

MAKE IT- Rengeade(Beatemup), Tempest(SH), Moon Patrol(SH), Wind Jammer(pong!), Freeze(if classed as Scavenger Hunt), Kangaroo(Goal), The Pit(SHunt), Mikie(in if FREEZE is not In), Tag Team Wrestling(Bad Beat emup?), TrackNField(if allowed)

NEXT IN LINE- GENERAL -Metro Cross(RACE), Ping Pong(Pong!). SHOOTERS - Metal Slug, Elevator Action, (Freeze if shooter), Vulgus.

NOTES- Beatemup ~Are shooters without guns. (Double Dragon) Pong! ~It plays like pong! (Pong) Scavenger Hunt ~You have to get a bunch of before contining (Pac Man) Goal ~You only have to get form pt A to B. (Donkey Kong).

Just my Opinion, AxE

-- AxE (, September 07, 2000.

Hello.... I thought that the debate would stop on Septembre 10th, and I don't see any message telling what the 8 games are for T5.....Did I miss something ?

-- Olivier Millardet (, September 16, 2000.

You didn't miss anything - I will post these by Monday morning or afternoon along with settings we'll use.


-- Gameboy9 (, September 16, 2000.

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