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I recently acquired a used Toyo 45AX field camera with no manual, and noticed there are a scale on the front bed with marked number like 150, 200 etc, and I wonder what's the use of the scale. Could those Toyo owners shed some light on this ?

Also, it'll be great help for me if any of you could send me a copy of the user manual and I'd be more than willing to pay a small fee for the favor.


-- Li Lin (, September 01, 2000


It is the distance from the film plane to the lens board (approximately - I don't know how accurate it is and dont' have the manual near me) with the focus track all the way in. The larger numbers are for having the bed extended and the smaller numbers are for the bed unextended. The numbers are millimeters. I use them to set my rough position of the lens board (I guess I could use the infinity stops if I weren't too lazy to set them!).

Are you in the US?

If so, you can order the manual (get the 45AII, there is no difference other than your model doesn't have the revolving back) from Mamiya America for $8:

-- John H. Henderson (, September 01, 2000.

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