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Hi AP English Buddies- I (Kate) am sitting in a Barnard computer lab right now trying to set up my new laptop. Actually, I am waiting for instructions from the girl who is helping me. Anyway, I survived the move in to my dorm room and the first couple of days of orientation! They have this crazy schedule for our week-it's like a three ring circus around here. I am getting pretty worn out, and I have this disturbing sore feeling in the back of my throat. I almost can't wait for classes to start-orientation is too hectic! I really like being in the city, and can't wait 'till I have a little more free time to explore this weekend. Actually, they have all these walking tours and fun things to do on the weekend. I'm thinking about going to the Rocky Picture Horror Show trip tomorrow night-if I can stay awake untill 2am! My roommate is really nice. Her name is Kate too. We are pretty well matched and have been hanging out together alot. Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll post something after classes start-tell you all how my new English class is. Hope everyone is having a great time either starting school or enjoying the late summer! Love Kate

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

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