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should we allow recording with this new version that plays back for some games and risk a ton of recordings that don't playback because someone accidentally used the origonal b6?

I'd say don't allow any b6 version; it doesn't benifit anyone in the long run to allow a version that was known not to playback because the dev team didn't test the playbackability of the version. Well it benefits the anticipation guru's that like to run red lights and such... but i think that's about it. any views? I woudln't trust any mame version unless the dev team collaberated and changed the code themselves to fix the playbackability in b7.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000


Agreed, let's permanently ban m37b6. Furthermore, we should only allow OFFICIAL MAME DEV releases!! As it stands, there's already too many variations of the real thing out there...

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

Right. There will be a LOT of people who don't realise that it is not the official MAMEdev version of 37b6, and so a lot of people will not be able to play back the recordings. We already have so many different versions and platforms of MAME to deal with. Why make it even worse? And why can't those whiners wait two more weeks or so until an official b7 by the MAMEdev team is released? And it's not like those people can't already practise the b6 games.

I'm all for banning all recordings that don't play back on the version of MAME they were recorded on (so not limited to b6 only). I think we should make that an official rule. If a recording does not play back on the version it was recorded on, it is not allowed. And any recordings made on non-official hacks of MAME that don't play back on the appropriate (DOS, Windows, Mac, etc.) OFFICIAL version should be banned too. It should be the uploader's responsibility to make sure. And people will just have to be patient. Jeez, you'd think they were going to die if they didn't upload now instead of a few days later when an official version is available. And with 2000+ games in MAME it's not as if they can't play anything else in the mean time.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

Heh. Check rule #3 BenJos. It's already there. All I can do is clarify, I suppose.


-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

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