What kind of benefits do you really want?

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-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000


How about better insurance, including VISION, since this job can really mess with your eyesight. Also, more vacation time after 10 years, competitive pay, incentives such as bonuses. I think sick and vacation time should also be incorporated into personal time so we don't get a hassle about "you can't use vacation time if you have no more sick time" plus it would make personnels job a little easier too.! This all isn't asking too much, is it?

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

Dental and optical insurance. I have never really understood why this is separate from medical insurance anyway!

-- Anonymous, September 01, 2000

We need better medical insurance without such a large deductible, I'd rather pay a higher premium than a deductible. Also vision would be a good thing, since we do work with our eyes all day. And chiropractic services would be nice too. More vacation time after a certain length of employment.Bonuses......hmmmmmm,a strange word, havent' heard that word in years, it would be nice to have one once in awhile, instead of management getting commission checks or bonuses. They already make more in a year than us peons do in 3.

-- Anonymous, September 01, 2000

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