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Hey all,

Although Gameboy is the person who confirms the most scores, I probably am the one who disqualifies most scores. And, although I care a lot about honesty, keeping the playing field even, and mostly disqualify scores on games I don't play myself, I sometimes wonder if I'm overdoing it. And I also know that one of the major reasons I *am* doing it is because of the shit directed towards me on the TG board. Most of you know about what happened there.

But at times, I think I may be overdoing it. And although I still believe in everything I've done, QT surely can testify that I try very hard to catch every irregularity, or, at least, what look like irregularities to me.

Somehow, with every batch of dozens of recordings I disqualify, I am expecting several MARPers to speak up and protest against my actions. Somehow, I am expecting someone to launch a campaign against me some day, and have people vote on whether I am a trustworthy editor or not. Several times, I have considered giving up my editorship to avoid another "let's attack Ben Jos" scenario.

So, as the subject line says: Am I going too far? Am I doing things that you, my fellow editors, disagree with? Should I slow down? Or do you guys think I am doing fine the way I am doing now?

Thanks. Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000


oh no, he suspects us! i guess the conspiracy is off.

i don't think you can go far enough in laying down the law that scores should be legal. This kind of mccarthyism i like, because it reminds everyone there is a big brother. I think the only complaint that i have is that our tools are very subjective (or is that objective) in that they can't prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there were illegal substances being used. They can pretty well come damn close though.

My dream is of course where the tool that we use is the mame version itself that determines who is and who isn't using slowdowns, and the guessing will not rely on the sum of so many bits adding up to so much percentage qualifies a non-regulation speed. but everyone knows that by now...

I also urge everyone to read the 2nd unanswered Thread labeled "Hires screenshots", unless you guys have absolutley no problems with the screen shots...

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000

You're doing fine--don't change anything!! However I'd have to say there is very little overlap between those that follow the MARP and TG forums. Clearly, the flaming you were subject to was not from MARPers.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

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