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I've got a Toshiba SD-1200 DVD palyer, according to the toshiba website it plays VCDs. My problem is this, I'm using Xing Encoder 2.20 with Adaptec EZ CD Creator 4.01 and I've tried generic green, and PNY 80 min silver CD-Rs. Has anyone managed to get a home made VCD working with this DVD player?? If so what did you use?

-- Dan Baumann (, August 30, 2000


According to it does NOT play cd-r's but will play cd-rw. It can also handle SVCD formatting.

-- eric (, August 30, 2000.

I know for a fact that Fujifilm 80 CDR's work great. But many others don't.

-- John Posing (, August 07, 2001.

Hi to you ! I read your answer regarding the "Toshiba sd-1200"... I am not sure you can help me but I'll give it a try - I am trying to hear "burned" disks And I am getting an "ERROR" as an output Most of my music is burn - what do I do about it?! any suggestions?

-- Motty c (, December 23, 2001.

use CD-RW's if possible. i cannot get ANY CD-R's to work but all of the CD_RW's I've used work GREAT!

-- sharky (, January 14, 2002.

I've had good luck with Sony blanks, whereas the PNY junk won't play in the SD1200 or in my car.

-- Anders Bylund (, August 19, 2002.

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