DVD plays store purchased Vcd but nothome made Vcd

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I have a Panasonic A-300 DVD player which plays all store purchased VCDs but not the VCDs I make using my Sony CDR/RW .I even tried by copying the whole VCD [store purchased]. I get a message "NO DISC". So far I have tried Samsung Silver CD-R and Kodak Gold Ultima CD-R .No results. I have adaptec as well as cEquadrat Videopack 4.0 .Please help.Is there any other variety of CD-R other than Gold and silver? Please let me know the solution to this problem

-- Malnad Man (malnadman@home.com), August 30, 2000


According to http://www.redrobe.demon.co.uk/dvd/vcd.html your player is not able to play CDR, it does play some brands of CDRW though, this is what they say on that page; "Works with some cdrw (infodisc) and some not work (GQ-great quality and double platinum)." On that same page also is the following tip: "If CD-Rs don`t seem to work, go buy some cheap Princo Silver/blue CD-Rs. Several players won`t read anything else!".

-- Spheroid76 (spheroid76@hotmail.com), August 30, 2000.

I tried Verbatim DataPlus CD-RW. It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

-- malnad man (malnadman@home.com), September 05, 2000.

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