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What bargains have you picked up and been really proud of? Where do you go when you're in need of some bargain retail therapy, or do you just find bargain places by accident?

One of my best bargains was Old Navy t-shirts at $5 a piece. Another was my Bargain Thursday black pants - $19.95 to begin with, then $15.95 when I got to the register. And I always buy my socks in the men's section, because theirs are always sold cheap - unlike so-called 'ladies' socks, which are always too small for my gargantuan, unladylike feet, and too expensive for my purse.

I think I get my love of the bargain from my mother. Is yours hereditary or are you just frugal? (I think that's part of my problem, to be honest...)

-- sammy (sammy@katgyrl.com), August 30, 2000


"gargantuan, unladylike feet" . . . pshaw.

All the best temptress-demons have big feet.

Which doesn't explain my 10EEEE duckfeet in any way, but still, it's a fact. Demons got big feet, go figure.


-- Sandy (nebulousmenace@yahoo.com), August 31, 2000.

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