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Its so interesting to get a peak at shih tzu abroad here. I am wondering, I know Brigette mentioned coming, are any of you planning on coming to the American nationals in Florida? I will definitely be there, its only a one hour plane ride for me!

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2000


I am not sure right now,but i think Pat Cambeis wants to go too.I talk with some german breeders,who might be going too. We will see,but first i need to know the date as i try to buy my flight as early as possible.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000

Oh yes Susan! I have every intention of being there - I`m not missing another one! I am trying very hard to persuade some others from the UK to come over - it is so hard to explain how much they will get out of it, but I`m working on it!(:o)

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000

Wonderful!!! So we'll have Germany and England represented. The dates are June 27-July 1. There is also a local shih tzu specialty and two toy breed specialties, so I'm not sure which day is which.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000

Who care want is when as long there are Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Shih Tzu


-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000

Any more of you thinking of taking a break next year in Florida?(:o)

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2000

OK - so you`ve had a bit of time to think about it - Christmas is over and done with, so I ask again - who else would like to go to the National in Florida? (:o)

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

I am not going this time as my doc stated NO No.

I will hardly miss it.I am thinking of going to Crufts as Luke Ehricht und Gilbert Kahn will be there and i need to talk to Luke.

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2001

I`m sorry you`re not going to the National Brigitte - but I shall look forward to seeing you at Crufts! (:o)

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2001

Great Brigitte - see you at Cruft's. Does the lady who lives in Kisslegg still exhibit, I found a web site for Kisslegg a while ago and looked through it to see if there was anything I recognised, but after 43 years!! I couldn't find anything. When I was there I stayed in Hotel Kibel (the spelling might not be correct), I wonder if it is still there. Gloria

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2001

I going to see what i can do for you in this search.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2001

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