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I'm curious as to how Aeon Flux would look if it was a brand new series today. Personally I think that the TV execs would interfere more in the show :( diluting the stories impact. Also we'd see a wise cracking Aeon who wears a track suit and trainers instead of the rubber and leather clad Monican operative we all obsess about and lust after.

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-- TK (, August 29, 2000


If Aeon Flux was made today, it'd be a live-action movie with lots of slow-motion shootouts, trendy "anime" references and over-decorated sets. Jennifer Lopez's Aeon would fall head-over-heels in love with Sean Connery's Trevor, they sign the Berognican peace treaty and ride off into the sunset together. And there'd be Nike and Dr Pepper logos everywhere.

-- Paul (, August 31, 2000.

I think that MTV would probably want to over-emphasize the sci-fi aspect of the show, as that seems to be what they like, considering what they write on the back of the video covers and such. That, or the "war of the sexes" aspect that is really not important. It's not a war between genders, perhaps not even a war, but just the interaction between two people. MTV doesn't seem to see that.

-- Matthew Rebholz (, August 31, 2000.

Yeah, two people with hair trigger reactions and a stockade of ammo. I think it would look the same, but explore the characters in more depth. I don't think Peter was done with the series at all, as indicated in the Cinefantastique article. There were probably many more ideas he was hoping to explore. But since Daria had a musical, how about a Flux musical? Techno music anyone?

-- Barb e. (, August 31, 2000.

Yes, sad. Since American cinema, Hollywood cinema rather, has become so dispicably unrealistic, unintelligent, and mind numbing, my wish is to leave Aeon in the pristine place she resides currently. Selfishly speaking, I don't think she is for everyone. I would rather view her privately, then see her as a flashing corporate/commercial sex object who would definitely lose her intelligence in the translation to the "box" office.

-- Noel Finney (, September 14, 2000.

My big dream is that Peter makes so much money doing commercials that he start his own private animation studio from his home, like Art Bell did with his own private radio station, and that became widely listened to all around the world, or like Disney. Disney started his studio dead broke, and Mickey mouse was a real mouse in his house, that he fed, I guess there's truth to Karma. I think if he had his own studio we'd see some really interesting things in animation/film. Works of real importance.

-- Barb e. (, September 14, 2000.

I just woke up from an Aeon Flux dream this morning. It all involved a boring rehash of the Chronophasia virus, sort of a sequel to that episode. It was also the first part of a two-part episode. But the interesting part was this: Aeon sneaks into Trevor's home, and instead of trying to either kiss each other or kill each other as usual, They both sat at a table covered with photographs and momentos of their experiences, and began to organize them, reminiscing about the past while they put them away in plastic bags. They were both very subdued and acting dreamily. Unfortunately, something akin to the theme from "Titanic" was playing in the background, and yet, somehow it fit the emotions they had. Also, Aeon was wearing a black leather shower cap. A vision of the future of Aeon Flux? Probably not... :)

-- Matthew Rebholz (, September 16, 2000.

"Remember the time you punched me, knocked me out, and put in me that time capsule. Ha ha." "Well, what about the time you copied me and made my copies your sex slaves? Oh, but then you fell in love with me, instead." "Here's a nice picture of you standing behind a post with your gun trained at my head, tell me dearest, would you eventually have voted for me?" "Here's that picture of the baby you thought was mine, you didn't really think that was Mine, did you?" On and on the lovers coo and banter.

-- Barb e. (, September 16, 2000.


-- scarlett (, December 27, 2000.

Aeon Flux in the new millennium? If it was up to me, I would certainly not change the characters' personalities, nor their appearances. If they had to change how they looked I'd make them look even more kickass. As far as i'm concerned, there wasn't nearly enough leather. I'd make everything the same as it is...only upgraded to look a little bit more high-tech, but not too extremely. Alas, we know how the hollywood/MTV corporate world works all too well. Formulaic and ultimately cliche. They'd overdo the visuals to the point where the stories will be rehashed from Blade Runner, The Matrix, Akira, and Mission Impossible. No philosophical or symbolic references (which were an integral part of the Aeon Flux universe I remind you), or if there are they will be exceedingly weak and boring rehashes of 12 Monkeys and Blade Runner or every other sci-fi film that had a philosophical moral. Characters will be mutilated beyond recognition. Sexual implications will either be kept to the minimum that they appeal to a mass audience who won't complain, or to an extreme that only zombie cinema crowds looking for a cheap thrill will enjoy (which...let's face it, is what Eye Candy flix like The Cell were about). And further probably wouldn't be animated. As interesting as that would be to see it in live action, there are too many pros and cons (I talked about them in another section) to think of attempting it. My hopes: a new series or possibly a movie that would enhance Peter Chung's vision...not the bio-degradable shit that unfortunately seems more plausible.

-- Ilker Yucel (, January 03, 2001.

Addendum: Hollywood Aeon Flux probably also wouldn't use Drew Neumann's music or sound effects. Hell, I can't imagine any other kind of music for Aeon Flux. If they integrated some techno and industrial music in with Drew's just to have a top-selling soundtrack, then sure, but only if Drew's score was included.

-- Ilker Yucel (, January 03, 2001.

After a coupla years, I'm putting up yet another post...has anybody seen "Matriculated?" The segment Peter Chung contributed to "The Animatrix." Now THAT is the kind production value I'd like to see for "Aeon Flux" in the new millennium. If "Aeon Flux" was given THAT kind of enhanced treatment, sure it'd be a little more expensive, but it would probably get just as much back from fans who'd probably be blown away. Sure that was one of the stranger segments in "The Animatrix," but what do you expect from the creator of "Aeon Flux?" I was disappointed that Drew Neumann hadn't done the music for it, but can't have everything my way I suppose. Anyway, if they remade "Aeon Flux" today with "Matriculated"'s production value...ooooooh the possibilities.

-- Ilker Yucel (, August 20, 2003.

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