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What is the best way to get my puppy to stand on the table? I have tryed, and he is afraid, and will lay down. he sits still for grooming, but I would like for him to stand so that I can start showing him in some local clubs once I find them. Any suggestions?

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2000


OK Megan - with apologies if I am stating the obvious. Firstly, do you groom your puppy on a table? It is always a good idea to get him used to that. Very steady table, with no chance of him falling off, up against a wall helps. Something on the table like vet bed to make him feel comfy and relaxed. You must be feeling nice and relaxed too, so that it is a pleasant experience for your both. Nice gentle handling whilst grooming. When he`s quite happy being groomed on the table and enjoying the attention, you can go to the next stage. Put something non slip on the table - very, very important. Rubber mat or some such thing, or if you have a proper grooming table, the rubber surface is perfect. When you are having a little game with him, maybe with a toy or something, and without making a big fuss about it, lift him onto the table while he is still absorbed with the toy, just for a few seconds. Keep using your `playing` voice, and don`t worry about how he stands or even if he sits down. Keep this up doing it a couple of times a day, until he doesn`t panic, and when he does manage a few seconds standing and relaxed give him a treat, tell him he`s a good boy. Again, don`t make a big performance out of it, try to keep it very casual and not a big deal.

In other words, what you are trying to do is associate being on the table, and eventually standing on the table, with pleasant experiences. Finally, make it a part of your grooming routine. Always finish a grooming session with a few seconds standing followed by a treat or tidbit while he is standing. It is very important that you reach a stage whereby you feel confident that he is not going to panic - if you are expecting him to panic, the chances are he will because he is picking up on the fact that you are tense.

The actual refinements of getting him stacked properly and standing for longer lengths of time will follow on naturally. But by then he will relate the `stand` command with a treat. Obviously in the ring, it isn`t usually good practice to start feeding tidbits while the judge is looking at your dog! And he may be the kind of dog where praise from you will be enough of a reward, but whilst he is a novice, you can always keep a tidbit in a pocket, and maybe give him a tiny taste after the judge has gone over him, you have moved him for the judge, and have gone back to your place.

Hope that helps - and I hope you get some other hints too! What works for one person, or one dog for that matter, doesn`t always do the trick for someone else. (:o)

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2000

I forgot to say, it is usually quite easy to persuade a puppy from a sitting position into a standing one with a tidbit - but again, I would stress that the table must be totally steady with no wobble whatsoever!(:o)

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2000

Megan - how are you getting on with your new puppy? (:o)

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

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