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Does anybody of you know the name of the street where Michael's home is???

-- Jadey (giadariceputi@libero.it), August 28, 2000


Hi Jade!! Yes, he lives in 69 lotus road. hope this helps. bye.

-- ronan hunt (ronanhunt@hotmail.com), August 28, 2000.

No he does not!!!

-- htideREM... (REmmySC@aol.com), August 28, 2000.

Meredith Baby, "YOUR BACK FINNALY, I MISSED YOU, Where does Michael Stipey Baby live and what's Michael Stipey Baby's Address for where he lives? "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY, HEY EVERYBODY, MEREDITH IS BACK FINNALY!"

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), August 28, 2000.

Oh god M, i think you better jump in that chickie mobile of yours and drive away as fast as you can....... She's on your tracks!!!!!!

-- (amitb84@hotmail.com), August 29, 2000.

"I was just Joking around about Meredith being back."

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), August 29, 2000.

Zappie...that was way too funnie! (a giggle) And Steph, ya're such a goof. Like, I promised Michael that I would never give out his address in fear that...others would take him away from me. (a giggle) Like, gotta keep that man...Mr. Stipey all to my o'so way beyond groovie self here. (a giggle) Chow M ~:)

-- htideREM... (REmmySC@aol.com), August 30, 2000.

Meredith, Ok, What If you just give us his Address and we don't tell anybody, Besides, I can't harm or hurt Michael Stipey Baby anyway, besides, I'm lighter than Michael Stipey Baby, and at a Lighter Weight." And I never wrestled Michael Stipey Baby before anyway but I know Michael Stipey Baby is Stronger than me because I'm 15 Pounds lighter than Michael Stipey Baby at 120 Pounds."

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), August 30, 2000.

i know where he is staying in dublin....just if anyones interested....its by the sea...he insisted on a view,bless!

-- ms. stipe (my_little_empire_3@yahoo.com), August 30, 2000.

In Killiney i think near Bono,Ms Stipe.

-- Bernie (bandsmc@hotmail.com), August 31, 2000.

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