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I own a Pioneer DVD 626D(macrovision off) from europe(euroscart RGB) and I want to create my own Video cds from my DVD movies. Which way or more specifically which video capture card and software is reccomended? All the digital input cards I have found so far they only get input from a digital camera. And of course the analog cards do not decode mpeg2 to mpeg1 VCD or to mpeg2 SVCD. any suggestions? I wouldc really appreciate it. Thanks

-- Spiros Stamatakis (, August 28, 2000


I want to make video-cd from my pc so i can see it on my home dvd player..........

-- duke chan (, August 31, 2000.

Try this program called Flask MPeg is takes a long time to convert the file but it works really well........


-- Alesis Confretti (, September 13, 2000.

Try Dazzle DVC II

-- Duy Hoang (, November 03, 2000. for dvd2vcd.

-- mac (, December 09, 2000.

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